GetQuad! Draft 5

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[e][h]GetQuad! 4on4 Draft #5
League Information
Prize pool:
3000USDT + 3500USD
Start Date:
End Date:
dm2 • dm3 • e1m2

Quakeworld GetQuad! Draft season 5 is a 4on4 TDM league that will run from October 2021 until December 2021. 95 players were drafted into teams 21 teams across three divisions.

The Draft

Both drafts were streamed by Andeh of SuddenDeathTV. The Division 1 draft was held on September 26th. The Division 2 draft was held on September 29th. Archive can be found on SuddenDeathTV on Youtube.


  • 3 divisions, 7 squads:
    • Each squad consists of 3 teams:
    • One Division 1 team with 4 players
    • One Division 2 team with 4 players
    • One Division 3 team with 5-6 players
  • Group stage:
    • All matches are Bo3
  • Playoffs:
    • The top 4 teams in each division reach playoffs (TBD)
    • All matches are Bo5

Squads & Teamnames

Milton's Mutants:
Bps' Badboys:
XantoM's XMas:
Creature's Crazies:
Raket's Ravers:
Ganon's Gurken:
Nigve's Narcos:
Finland Milton Sweden bps Sweden XantoM Finland Creature Sweden raket Sweden mm Norway nigve
Russia Zepp Sweden razor Finland HENU Brazil dev (br) Finland Diki Sweden ganon Denmark ParadokS
Poland maCLer Russia gor Sweden Shaka United Kingdom HangTime Sweden ok98 Netherlands Wimpeeh Finland Gamer
United Kingdom sae Poland Tom Russia gLAd Russia Billy The Kid Sweden Splash Sweden greco Denmark niw
Overflow's Mutants:
Maks's Badboys:
Link's XMas:
Sniegov's Crazies:
Xero's Ravers:
Samon's Gurkens:
Kip's Narcos:
Brazil Overflow Poland maks Norway Link Poland Sniegov Sweden xero Poland samon Finland kip
Sweden Eikooren Portugal nitemare Norway TheChosenOne Denmark Zalon Sweden conan United Kingdom Splif Poland Goniec
Brazil Vegeta Finland paniagua Norway Effie Germany Knasty Sweden tumult Poland Thunder Czech Republic Flamer
Norway PreMorteM Sweden skurk Ukraine Nidweyr Poland goorol Sweden Elguapo Poland pooll Germany Dopeskillz
Rghst's Mutants:
Rotker's Badboys:
TiMMi's XMas:
Ncr's Crazies:
Djevulsk's Ravers:
Ocoini's Gurkens:
Hooraytio's Narcos:
Germany rghst Poland Rotker Norway TiMMi Sweden ncr Sweden djevulsk Norway ocoini Sweden Hooraytio
United Kingdom Zigg Russia .devil Sweden nas Finland Luckyshot Sweden Respa France Klice Sweden Ake Vader
United States !Nico Finland Anza Norway tr0ll Portugal dib Sweden FinalExit Germany pattah Finland Panjabi
United States coj Germany anni Norway Abraxas Norway Stalkerrh United Kingdom Turbo United Kingdom Nautilus Finland hyrveli
Finland nexus Denmark Valde Sweden eppe United States omicron Hungary toma Germany HaraldQuake Finland ripperi
TBD - TBD - Ukraine MolkyPolky TBD - Portugal diehuman United Kingdom dobeZz Russia multibear