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cojer is an American Quakeworld player. He retired from Quake in 2005 and began playing again in early 2021 after a 16 year break.


Clan history


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2005 A33rd NQR North America Season 2 4on4 United States The Illuminatis
2021 A22nd GetQuad! Draft - Season 5, Div3 4on4 Europe Rghst's Mutants $400
2022 A55th Time 2 Hammer Season 3 - Div2 2on2 United States =)
2022 A22nd Qlan War Tournament 1 - Div3 4on4 Europe T3 (D99)
2022 A44th Qenya War Tournament 1 - Div1 4on4 Europe Secret Sauce
2022 A55th Qlan War Tournament 2 - Div2 4on4 Finland MORTAL KOMBAT



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