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  • Keep your content as objective as possible
  • Try to keep the same style and formatting as existing articles similar to the one you create/edit.


Tutorial: How to add your own wiki profile

Ignoring wiki syntax

If you dont want your text to be affected by the wiki syntax use the following code.

<nowiki>your text</nowiki>


Help viewsource.jpg

These templates are a good start when creating a new page:

How to use a template

  1. Select a template
  2. Click on view source and copy the whole content
  3. Paste into the new page that you want to create
  4. Replace all ??? with the correct information


To insert a flag use the following code:


..where xx is the country prefix

Uploading a new flag

Use only the flag icons that can be found at

Redirecting a page

#redirect [[xx]]

..where xx is the page the redirect should point to.


Redirect NQR to Nations Quake Rank. Enter the following code to the NQR page:

#redirect [[Nations Quake Rank]]