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Used for players and teams.


This code:

{{player|Kylo Ren|flag=se|link=shaka}}
{{player|Team Brazil|flag=br|link=abbr|abbr=GT, mur & lit}}

Returns this:

Finland Hib - default (name as link)
TBD TBD - empty player with abbr To Be Decided.
Sweden Kylo Ren - custom link
Brazil Team Brazil - no link but abbreviation (abbr)
United States Ihasnowikipage - link=false


Name of the player.
Country flag using two letter ISO code. Leave empty for TBD.
Put a link to another page (not equal to the name), or:
Player's name is not linked.
Player's name gets a dashed underline, hover to read content. Requires |abbr= to be none-empty.
Abbreviation text that will display on hover, could be an array of players that a team consist of. Requires |link=abbr to be set.