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The old wiki.quakeworld.nu had been left for dead. As time went by, ideas grew stronger for its replacement.
QWiki was created to take the old wiki to new heights, both visually and with enriched content.

This project is heavily inspired by (and copied from) Liquipedia. They really pioneered esports content with well documented player and team information, as well as up-to-date tournament information. It is the go-to place for information seekers.

QWiki is aiming to fill the same needs for QuakeWorld, by driving inspiring content in hope to increase interest and participation.
Indeed, the QW scene is very unique in its way of not having standardized ways of sharing information, and can almost be seen as unserious because of its improvised (and often times, unorganized) content flow.

Hopefully, QWiki changes outsiders' views on QuakeWorld, dusts off its long and gloomy history, and brings out this superb esport into the limelight.

Special thanks to

Germany d0p3sk1llz - Server setup, tech support, maintenance. This would not be possible without you.