GetQuad! Draft 2

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[e][h]GetQuad! 4on4 Draft #2
League Information
France John, Norway Link, Germany Pattah
Prize pool:
Fame & Glory
Start Date:
End Date:
dm2 • dm3 • e1m2 • cmt2 • cmt3 • cmt4 • e3m3tdm • schloss

Quakeworld GetQuad! Draft season 2 is a league that run from the 1st of October, 2019, until the 20th of December. Players are drafted into teams in two divisions based on their skill level.

For previous drafts, see GetQuad! Draft 1 and Salvation Draft League.


  • Games will be played on european servers.
  • Group stage: BO3 maps; first to win 2 maps wins. You get 1 point for a map win.
  • Playoff stage: BO5 maps; where #1 play #4, #2 play #3.


Division 1

dm2 dm3 e1m2
Dm2 Dm3 e1m2
Standard BO3 rules.

Division 2

dm2 dm3 e1m2 cmt1b cmt3 cmt4 cmt5b ctl8 e3m3tdm
Dm2 Dm3 e1m2 Cmt1b Cmt3 Cmt4 Cmt5b ctl8 e3m3tdm
Decider map in division 2 will be one of the TB3 maps, with following format:
  • If no TB3 maps have been played then each team tosses 1 map each.
  • If 1 TB3 map has been played, the deciding map shall be chosen at random using /random map map, using the 2 remaining maps that did not get picked.
  • If 2 TB3 maps have been played, the last one is played as decider.
  • Any map can be played at any stage, as long as both teams agree.


Division 1

Nigve's Gopnigs
Norway nigve 1
Denmark Paradoks 2
Great Britain sae 3
Poland blasphemer 4
Russia inf 5
Finland HENU 1
Finland Fix 2
Norway Baresi 3
Sweden Eikooren 4
Czech Republic Flamer 5
mazer's misery
Sweden mazer 1
Denmark niw 2
Sweden conan 3
Norway PreMorteM 4
Germany Anza 5
Creature's Crazies
Finland Creature 1
Sweden raket 2
Poland er 3
Finland Nice 4
Russia gLAd 5
dev's devastators
Spain dev 1
Sweden greco 2
Sweden Igggy 3
Portugal Mushi 4
Portugal von 5
BLooD_DoG's Ballerinas
Canada BLooD_DoG 1
Sweden Shaka 2
Netherlands blixem 3
Great Britain gore 4
Norway Link 5
bps' Bogeymen
Sweden bps 1
Sweden mm 2
Sweden ok98 3
Finland kip 4
Sweden flintheart 5
XantoM Xysters
Sweden XantoM 1
Great Britain HangTime 2
Ireland lordlame 3
Ukraine Nidweyr 4
Sweden tumult 5

Division 2

Zalon's Zombies
Denmark Zalon 1
Poland insane 2
Portugal diehuman 3
Russia wakecold 4
Denmark raz0 5
anni's annihilators
Germany anni 1
Poland billy 2
Germany andy 3
Norway Abraxas 4
Poland doomie 5
Russia multibear 6
Klice's Kittens
France Klice 1
Norway ocoini 2
France viag 3
Norway Erlend 4
United States m3ssia 5
dago's double penetrators
Germany dago 1
Ireland john_rambo 2
Germany qirex 3
Czech Republic cuky 4
Denmark Valde 5
BHC's Bold Huge Bunch
United States Bold Huge Crunch 1
Russia D1ma 2
Germany pattah 3
Great Britain RaggA 4
gLAd's Royal Baggers
Russia gLAd 1
Poland Tiaido (tiall) 2
Germany rghst 3
France Calinou 4
Sweden skurk 5
nas' nerds
Sweden nas 1
Sweden Lurq 2
Finland Katsku 3
Austria Defcon 5 4
Hungary toma 5
Link's Lunatics
Norway Link 1
Great Britain cosmos 2
Sweden fgh 3
Great Britain Nautilus 4
Russia Captain BillyTheKid 5

What is a draft?

The word «draft» comes from the US pro sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) and means that each team gets to pick players, in turns. This system was made so that all teams got the chance to make «equal teams». The opposite of this is the typical european sports (especially soccer), where money very much decides the skill level of the teams.