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[e][h] sae
Player Information
October 20, 1983 (1983-10-20) (age 35)
First spawned:

Started playing NQ at a friends house on lan only around 1996/97 using keyboard only. Around 1999 got a PC at home and tried to play online, finding QW in the process (& +mlook).

Quickly got to a competative skill level on 56k and got ISDN, soon started playing with the better UK crowd and played the majority of the time for 4Kings , later reforming EA and TDI with Venture , uiG , Raptor & DarkWarrior .

Lost interest in QW and started a successful CS career, playing some QW on the side for A2K. Quit gaming entirely in 2006.

Made a very casual 12 month comeback in mid 2015 until mid 2016 for the Thunderdome tournaments and EQL. Stopped playing entirely again.

Started playing again in late 2018

Favorite mod: 4on4
Favorite 4on4 maps: E1M2, CMT4
Favorite 1on1 maps: Aerowalk, Ztndm3

Mouse settings
Mouse Effective DPI cm/360 in/360 DPI In-game sens. Windows sens. Yaw Mousepad
Logitech G402 1280 32.5 12.8 400 3.2 6/11 0.022 Aukney
Crosshair settings
Crosshair Color Size Alpha
255 0 0
0.4 1


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2019 A33rd Get Quad 4v4 Draft Div 1 4on4 Sweden BPS Basilisks
2019 A11st 1day1map Catalyst Div 1 1on1
2019 A44th Thunderdome Season 11 Div 1 1on1
2019 A11st Thunderdome Season 11 Div 2 1on1
2019 A22nd Get2Gether: Second Edition Div 2 2on2 Great Britain Team English
2019 A22nd HAMMER TIME! Quake Duel League Div 2 1on1
2018 A44th Thunderdome Season 10 Div 2 1on1
2018 A33rd 2018 QW Duel Showdown Div 2 1on1 60€
2016 A22nd EQL Season 21 Div 2 4on4 Great Britain Fatal Error
2016 A55th Thunderdome Season 7 Div 3 1on1
2016 A66th Thunderdome Season 6 Div 3 1on1
2015 A88th Thunderdome Season 5 Div 2 1on1
2015 A55th Thunderdome Season 4 Div 2 1on1
2003 A33rd NQR Season 4 Div 2 4on4 Great Britain Four Kings
2002 A55th NQR Season 2 4on4 Great Britain Four Kings



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