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The story of Flag ca.gif BLooD_DoG(DP) - Once the #2 best capture the flag player in the world, right under Flag us.gif Ult (right under, by a mile). Now plays DM and TDM in North America and EU. He cannot compete with the likes of Flag us.gif sane or Flag us.gif cream but still tries to put up a fight. Always searching for a grapple that he cannot find.


  • Also known as: BLooD_DaG, BLooD_Laptop(D_P), "BD"
  • Nationality: Flag ca.gif Eskimo
  • Current clan: Flag nl.gif D_P
  • Map: ztndm3

Secret Info

BD a.k.a. "BLooD DaG" found QW when his village in Canada was visited by an Indian Call Center Worker long ago. The Indian taught BD many things about QuakeWorld, including how to start it and set up his own binds. BD was immediately impressed by being able to change his top & bottom colors.

After binding mouse3 to +forward and every key on his keyboard to "get ra", he set out to conquer CTF but could not compete with Flag us.gif Ult.

BLooD_DoG was initially feared in the community not for his skills, but for his asking players "wanna grapple?" when they didn't know what he really meant was "wanna play CTF?". Confusing his enemies has always been a popular tactic with BLooD_DoG(D_P) and to this very day, BD continues this tradition in TDM with his special BD-TDM rules.

Why is this guy who is into DP'ing asking me to grapple?
    — Anonymous (probably ULT)

ruleset blood_dog

Playing with BD in a 4v4 or 2v2 match instantly changes the rules of the game. It can be a challenge to find ways to win against him unless you are aware of all the differences between normal TDM and BD-TDM.

Here are some (only a few) of the rules as explained by BLooD_DoG himself:

last ra wins
    — BLooD_DoG often points out victories such as this at the end of a match
i got most damage :p
    — damage can be (but isn't always) more important than frags in BD-TDM
last health pack wins
    — BLooD_DoG bends the rules of 2v2 to his liking
The Prime Minister of Canada is calling someone special


BD is always on the telephone whenever he plays QW, usually talking to his Flag ca.gif girlfriend or contributing news to major television networks. He has been known to call up his opponents after a match in order to explain to them that he won, and sometimes he calls Flag ca.gif zeeshan during games in order to ask for QW advice.

One time during an EQL match, BD received a phone call from Flag ca.gif The Prime Minister of Canada who offered to ghost for him over QTV, but BD explained to Flag ca.gif The Prime Minister that QTV is lagged to prevent ghosting. Flag ca.gif The Prime Minister of Canada & BD are now very good friends and they organize parades together.

A scientist helps to create BD's config

BD's QW Config

BLooD_DoG(D_P) is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Because of his position, he is granted certain priviledges which he abuses. One of those priviledges is his power to control a team of expert MIT researchers, whom he has coordinated with to create one of the best QW configs ever to exist.

BLooD_DoG(D_P) and his team of MIT researchers have created scientific algorithms to help create what has come to be called the BD Quake Config.

The BD Quake Config is a configuration which many believe grants BLooD_DoG greater power in the game of QuakeWorld. Using the middle mouse button (mouse3) as +forward allows BD to accomplish tricks that nobody else can do (except cream), and it frees up keys on his keyboard so that he can bind all of them to get ra.

The mushy keys of a laptop do not bother BLooD_DoG when he plays Quake, because none of them are useful. BD accomplishes everything in CTF & TDM & 1v1 by using his mouse and his MIT sponsored QW config.

Notable Quotes

i am the best rl in the game
    — BD stating a simple fact on voice chat
all you gotta do is apply a little bit of pressure
    — BD always gives helpful tips on voice chat
i have low blood sugar, can't play
    — BD explaining a personal problem on voice chat
hurry, i need to make a phone call
    — BD stating over voice chat that he is preparing to play Quake
oh, what a shot!!!
    — BD proudly exclaims this over voice chat after hitting an enemy
oh, what a move!...
    — BD excitedly says this over voice chat before lunging straight at an enemy
i can probably still beat you on my touchpad
    — BD threatens some random n00b
who came up with this retarded name
    — BD shows hostility towards a new American clan (Year of Kaos)
can i join YoK? :p
    — BD, the following evening
we're going to lose now due to your... mediocrity
    — BD states this mid-game over voice chat to his partner Flag us.gif dustin


The following interview was conducted in October 2013. Flag us.gif sane and Flag us.gif cream worked together to create the interview questions (including the comments to BD's answers) prior to the interview, so it was up to BLooD_DoG to piece it all together.

sane: "First off hello, this is sane from the NA qw scene, conducting this interview of BLooD_DoG(D_P), also accompanied by cream. Please state your first name and current clan (if any)"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "Hello! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans and also thank god for my good fortune. My name is Mark, and I'm currently in clan Dog Pound"
sane: "Thank you for the information, now let's start the interview. So BLooD_DoG(D_P), it seems you have been quite an active memeber in the qw community, both participating in EQL17, the fusion CA tourney, and also now signed up for the Duelmania tournament. What kind of expectations do you have in all of these tournaments, and what are your opinions of each of these tournaments?"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "Yes I am active, I lead a pretty boring life since my girlfriend lives 500km away from me. I work all day and go home with nothing else to do :D (other than training in BJJ). I'm always happy to see tournaments come up, the more the merrier. I'm not a huge fan of CA but I joined it to support the community and think we have a decent chance of winning. I think I'm above average in duel (on kenya maps) so I can hopefully cause a couple of upsets, but am not expecting much. Regarding EQL, the big daddy, I have pretty high expectations of winning div2 :O"
sane: "Great, thanks for the answer. Now, your wiki page mentions that you used to play CTF, can you tell us a bit about that dark period in your life? Can you give us some CTF tips?"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "I started playing quake back when qtest came out. After a brief and unfulfilling TDM career, I tried CTF when it first came out and fell in love. Dog Pound was a new CTF clan that I joined, and it eventually became the dominant clan in North America. Not really sure about the EU scene at the time, but I recall playing a few NA vs EU "official" games back in the 90's and I'm pretty sure we won them all :D I quit in about 2000 when CTF died, and after 5 years I decided to see if anyone was still playing quake. Ended up making a comeback, mostly in CTF for the first few years playing in EU tournaments like NQR. Once CTF died again I shifted to TDM. The biggest problem was learning how to start a bunny hop in TDM, since in CTF you can easily hook the floor and start a good bunny. It took me until about 6 months ago to finally complete ztricks, I think I'm beginning to see the light... Regarding CTF tips, it's like TDM on steroids: time quad, armors, think about teammates, but also do the same with all the runes and flags. I could spend days giving tips but I'll leave it at that."
sane: "Oh my.... well thanks for the tips... don't think I will be starting CTF any time soon.. I see now that you are an 'elite' dm player some may call it, do you have any suggestions or tips for DM rather than CTF, for a player to get to 'BLooD_DoG' stature?"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "Well thanks for the compliment, but I don't think I'm quite at the elite level yet. I think I'm pretty elite in 2on2 and above average in duel (mostly ztn), but I could still improve in 4on4. Last season of EQL I played in Div1 which was a lot of fun and a good learning experience. Basic tips aren't anything revolutionary, but I'll give a tip that I try to give to noobs in NA: ignore the enemy and focus on control, the frags will come to you. I see way too many players rush after an enemy for absolutely no reason instead of making a better decision. Other tip is to communicate, you can't be a good teammate without reading your teammates' binds, giving your status and plan, and making decisions based on that. Finally, timing is critical.... for instance, going to quad too early instead of getting the RA that is spawning right before can make the difference between gaining control of the map or giving it up."
sane: "Well hopefully that will help some players become greater in NA-QW and more towards the likings of BLooD_DoG.. So tell us more about this clan "YoK", Year of Kaos I believe they arrived early/mid 2013. What do you think of that clan personally and we also had insight of you wanting to join this clan, is this statement true?"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "It seems YoK came out of nowhere a few weeks ago and took over the NA scene by storm. The quality of the players is top notch, it almost seems as though the old greats (def, kovaak, ult, ...) are aliasing as YoK players. Personally I love seeing activity so YoK is welcome. Your insights are true, I requested to join YoK every night for the past 4 weeks and have been turned down every time. I'm trying to get some feedback on what aspects of my game I need to improve to be allowed in, but so far I haven't heard anything."
sane: "That is some great feedback! Back to the subject of CTF again. Isn't DM a bit different from CTF? It seems to us that you have a distinct style in DM.. Is it true that you pretend the RA is a CTF flag so that you can "cap" it on quad? Tell us about that."
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "Yes."
sane: "Now knowing that the NA DM community is quite small, there is still some competitors left in the community. Do you personally believe that you are the best NA Dueler/2v2er/4v4er? If not who do you think surpasses you in those genres of qw? Or who come close to you in those genres."
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "Finally an interesting question. I think the top dueler is zeeshan, followed by me and then sane. I think i'm at the top of the 2on2 scene tied with squeeze and sane. 4on4 would have to be squeeze, vegeta, and right under us (right under, by a mile) is sane"
sane: "We also heard rumors (not sure by whom, maybe a player with a 3 letter name starting with a 'U') of the clan 'DP' standing for different names, we had Double Penetration, Doggy Power, Doormat Princess etc... What does this name actually stand for, and what does it mean to you personally?"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "As answered previously, DP stands for Donkey Punch [sic]. The clan has been dead for about 13 years but I still wear the tag and idle (all alone with someone I don't remember) in the irc channel."
sane: "I see. Again regarding CTF... It's been a long time since you've played CTF, hasn't it? Do you still hold a lot of resentment towards ULT? Can you tell us about how this rivalry came to exist and why you were jealous of him? Does NA's 'cream' remind you of ULT?"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "Ok, let me set the record straight once and for all: ult is a dirtbag third-rate player who doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as me. No but seriously, ult was a top notch CTF player in the 90's and was in a couple of rival clans. When I came back in ~2005, he was one the players still around. We ended up joining forces for the EU CTF tournaments, and there's a pretty cool "Quakeworld CTF in 2005" video floating around about our lethal combination. We also met up in person once when he visited Seattle for work, ended up watching an MLS soccer game. I think Ult and I were 2 of the top CTF players and complemented each other well, he was a bit more on the defensive side and I was more offensive. Ult ended up being one of the top TDM players in NA too while I was still figuring out how to bunny hop without the grappling hook. We're still in the same IRC channel on ETG and I'm trying to get him to play again!"
sane: "Moving on to the subject of 'cream'... We all know he is an asipiring talent that is getting better and better each day. Knowing how he started in late 2011, what are you thoughts of this entity(cream). Do you believe he has potential to become one of the greats as your self? Or is he stuck in the rut as you like to call it, with the 'n00bs'. Would you give him any points,tips, or any lessons if you had the time? Please insight, INSIGHT!"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "Cream is an enigmatic individual with a flair for the unsual. He has made considerable progress over the last couple of years and is still getting better. His biggest improvement happened when he stole my "get RA" bind and started to use it. I am honored by his plagiarism and look forward to helping him continue his path towards greatness."
sane: "Ahhh, those are good tips. So you're jealous of cream?"
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "It is true."
sane: "This interview has been lovely. Thank you for your time BLooD_DoG. Your answers have been very rewarding to listen to. We'll get this interview translated into proper english and post it on your wiki."
BLooD_DoG(D_P): "Thank you as well! I would like to take this opportunity to thank my fans and also thank god for my good fortune"

BLooD DoG as a Reaper Bot

BD's behavior is so predictable that it has been rumored that he is nothing more than a modified level 1 reaper bot. The story goes that many years ago a group of very powerful and arrogant individuals conspired to create a fictional character that would fool the community into thinking he was an actual person. Players would fraternize and jest with this character during games and, over the course of several years, become accustomed to his presence.

Initially, there were attempts to expand the various gameplay characteristics of the bot, such as giving it the ability to rocket jump and bunny hop. However, these features never made it past the early alpha stages of development, as focus shifted more to "personality" improvements.

Developers knew from previous failures that bubbly and excited expressions like "Nice Shot, Man!" would not be perceived as authentic human responses. On the other hand, an aggressive personality, though more believable, wouldn't be tolerated very long by the community, especially with admins like Flag ca.gif rusty (also fake) running half the servers in North America with an iron fist.

Instead, the developers opted to give BLooD_DoG(D_P) a personality that could only be described as "defensive." His cleverly scripted retorts are almost likable when compared to his overzealous use of the /list command. The net result is a personality of somewhat neutral likability.

The BLooD_DoG bot's "personality logic" has been carefully reverse engineered, and you can now peer into the "mind" of this ancient wise-cracking douchebag:

if (connected) {
        if (in_game) {
                if (losing) {
                        /say "still on phonw"  /* Notice the typo */
                } else if (about_to_lose) {
                        /say_team "try to attack now!"
                        /say "last ra wins!"
        } else {
                /say_team "get ra"
} else if (just_finished_a_game) {
        if (won) {
                if (scored_most_frags) {
                } else if (dealt_most_damage) {
                        /say "damage is the most important stat"
                } else if (got_carried_by_teammate) {
                        /say "my spectacular support allowed him to win"
                } else {
        } else if (lost) {
                if (dealt_most_damage) {
                        /say "damage is the most important stat"
                } else if (best_efficiency) {
                        /say "efficiency is the most important stat"
                } else if (most_deaths) {
                        /say "i tried the hardest"
                } else if (worst_efficiency) {
                        /say "anyone can just hide all game and get a good efficiency"
                } else {
} else if (pre_war) {
        /say "ready up"
} else if (spectator) {
        /say "my turn?!!?!?!?!!"

        if (player_spot_opens) {
                /say "oh, were any specs waiting to play?"
                /ignore_spec "1"

if (asked_to_join_any_clan) {
        /say "sure!"

if (game_mode == Clan Arena) {
        /say "CA is easy"
        /say "CA is boring"
        /say "let's play a real game"

if (map != ztndm3) {
        /say "let's play a real map"

if (successfully_completes_rocket_jump) {
        ???	/* Nobody knows */

if (someone_mentions_anything_about_microsoft){
        /say "omg I just loooooove microsoft"
        /say "did you know I used to work there?"
        /say "Windows(tm) 8 is a great os! You just have to install a third party hack in order for the UI to make sense!"