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The Quake Weapons

The Axe

The axe can fire every 500ms. Damage per hit in DMM3 is 20, 75 in DMM4. Unlike all the other weapons, after initiating +attack, it takes 375ms for the axe to actually fire (despite the animation starting immediately). Range is 64units.

The Shotgun

The shotgun fires once every 500ms. It fires 6 pellets per attack, and each pellet does 4 damage, making for a maximum possible damage of 24. Pellets are arranged in a random pattern. Range is 2048 units.

The shotgun is a hitscan weapon; when the attacker fires, traces are performed to see what the player is aiming at, in that very same frame. There is no moving projectiles.

The Super Shotgun

The super shotgun fires every 700ms. It fires 14 pellets per shot. Just like the shotgun, each pellet does 4 damage, pellets form a random pattern, and the range is 2048u. Maximum damage is 56.

The super shotgun is also a hitscan weapon.

The Nailgun

The nailgun is a projectile weapon; projectile weapons fire actual objects with a finite speed.

The nailgun may fire every 100ms. Nails travel at 1000ups, and dissappear after 6 seconds if they haven't hit anything.

Nails do 9 damage per hit, and are fired alternatively from 5u left of the crosshair, then 5u right of the crosshair. Nails are 0u wide, 0u long and 0u high; a point.

The Super Nailgun

Just like the nailgun, the SNG fires every 100ms, nails travel at 1000ups (projectile weapon), nails dissappear after 6 seconds if they haven't hit anything yet, and nails are 0u x 0u x 0u in size.

Unlike the nailgun however, nails are fired from the crosshair, not alternating from 5u to the left and 5u to the right, and do 18 damage per hit (at the cost of 2 nail ammo per nail).

The Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher fires every 600ms. Grenades are fired with 600ups forward velocity (+/- up to 10ups randomly) and 200ups upwards velocity (+/- up to 10ups randomly), upwards being from the POV of the player, ie: perpindicular to forward.

Like the nailguns, grenades have 0u x 0u x 0u volume. Unlike nails, however, grenades are affected by gravity (800ups, 100ups on E1M8) and bounce off non-damagable surfaces. It does bounce off some damagable surfaces (eg: shootable buttons), but explodes on impact on most (players, exploding boxes).

Grenades do 120 splash damage over a 160u radius upon a direct hit on a target, or 2.5 seconds after being fired. For this reason, the angle with which a player is directly hit by a grenade affects the amount of damage inflicted, unlike a rocket. Also note that the splash damage radius of any weapon in Quake is always the damage plus 40.

The Rocket Launcher


The Lightning Gun


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