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QuakeTV is a common name for applications with a common purpose - to broadcast Quake matches to big amount of observers. Quake TV homepage

Bandwidth requirements

  • 4on4 match takes around 7kB/s
  • 2on2 match takes around 3kB/s
  • 1on1 match takes ardoun 1,5kB/s
  • QTV to server takes ALWAYS only 7kB/s max (depending on the game mode)
    • One QTV connected, 4 ports running 4on4 would be 1*4*7kB/s = 28kB/s between QTV and Servers
  • QTV to client takes number of clients * 7kB/s max (depending on game mode)
    • One QTV connected, 4 ports running 4on4 each, 10 specs on each = 1*4*10*7kB/s = 280kB/s


  • ezQuake 1.9 build 2105 or newer, or
  • FTE 3343 or newer

Common client commands

/cmd users or /qtvusers to check connected clients

/cmd lastscores similar to KTX lastscores command

/demo_autotrack 1/0 uses KTX autotrack information stored in the stream (so they should be identical in KTX and QTV).

/autotrack with ezQuake 1.9 stable will be the same as above. So you can use your existing 'autotrack' bind for the same function while on QTV

Clientside variables for ezQuake

To connect to a qtv server: Windows: running "/register_qwurl_protocol" in the windows based ezquake client will do the work to register a qw:// URL handler

Linux: launches ezquake with command line arguments to immediately execute a "/qwurl" command. Example: ezquake-linux-x86_64 +qwurl qw://3@qw.foppa.dk:28000/qtvplay

Obsolete: Can be found here: http://ezquake.sourceforge.net/docs/?vars-multiview-demos#qtv_adjustbuffer

Clientside variables for FTE

Enables extensions unique for EZTV such as chat support.


Differences between QTV observer and Qizmo observer

Ability/features Qizmo QuakeTV Remarks
Spectalk yes yes (delayed 500ms) QTV chat requires ezQuake 1.9 or FTE 3343
Maxspectators ~100 thousands
Bandwidth usage max server allowed 7kB/s 4on4 depends on the number of players
Server cpu usage same as for player 0% on 2GHz K8-cpu one player takes 1% cpu
Autotrack yes yes
Follow commentator always switchable
Weapon stats +wp_stats +cl_wpstats +cl_wpstats can be modified!
Ability to track anyone no yes
Smooth experience sometimes the best possible QTV/MVD data will be interpolated
Finetuning no yes check QTV wiki for more info
Vulnerable to network lag yes not playback QTV chat could be delayed (finetuning possible)
Delayed playback realtime delayed QTV: 1s delay during prewar, 7-10s delay during game
Flood protection no yes can be configured in QTV
Ignore properties yes no
Multiview no up to 4 players/screens requires compatible client

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