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The real father of the messiah Jesus Christ, Ultimo is responsible for all around us.

  • Real name: Andrew Grondalski
  • Date of birth: Pre-Biblical era
  • Also known as: Ultimo
  • Nationality: Flag us.gif American
  • Current clan: Flag us.gif American Gangsters


In the beginning, there was darkness. On the first day, Ultimo created light. On the second day, He created the sky. Then the Lord Ult chose to create plants on the third day. Day four: Light in the sky to separate day and night. On the fifth day, He created life in water and birds in the air. On the sixth day, Lord, our God, chose to create land animals and then man in his image. Since then, numerous individuals have claimed to bring the good word of the Lord but three prophets, KovaaK, Myth, and Cyan are the true sons of Ult.

Wrath of The Emperor God: Purification

On day 665, Kovaak, Cyan, and Myth were the greatest warriors on planet, Gaia. Because of this, the 3 brothers set out to destroy a nearby castle by themselves without any outside help or artillery. After pillaging the entire stronghold, the three brothers decided to sit near a pond where they discussed all of their "records" of how many victims they have brutally murdered. Little did they know, the almighty god and father of the 3 brothers, ULT, was eavesdropping their conversation. All of a sudden, Ult appeared in a humanoid form and started to call judgement on his sons;

"KOVAAK, you will be punished because you were the mastermind of this entire devious plot."
"CYAN, you will be punished for systematically killing specific individuals to a point where his/her alive family will never be the same."
"MYTH, you will be punished for the ways you slaughtered your victims. Impaling? Breaking the wheel? Iron Maiden? UNFORGIVABLE."

After the short but clear message given by ULT, the three sons were given 1 day to prepare for the battle which is to take place near a valley south of the castle. This valley is later known as The Valley of Regret. The three brothers sparred all day with all kinds of weapons and martial arts to prepare for the inveitable fury of their father. Around 10 p.m., the 3 brothers finally agreed that the combine strength of the greatest warriors, they were unbeatable and that even their father wouldnt even touch them.

Day 666, family troubles were finally at its climax. The battle was short but clear. There were 3 trillion spectators viewing the entire battle, but only ONE survived. That one person managed to take a picture of the conclusion and outcome of the war. Because many died, it was similar to a mass genocide, however, to them, it was known as "Purification".

Day 666: Purification

Clan history


  • Champions in NQR North America Season 1 (with Flag us.gif The Boss)
  • Champions in NQR North America Season 2 (with Flag us.gif The Boss)


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  • It is speculated that Flag us.gif Yogic is his twin brother.

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