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Started QW in 2002 shortly after Cyan made the transfer. Cyan and Myth were notoriously known for their 2on2 teamplay. The duo also have a tendency to perform unusual but comedic ways of trolling towards their competitors. They were often called The Double Dragons.

The legendary Cyan and Myth. A typical everyday encounter against players gunning for their crowns.


  • Real name: H W
  • Date of birth: 1988, Taiwan
  • Nationality: Flag tw.gif Taiwanese
  • Current clan: Flag us.gif American Gangsters

Clan history


1st - NQR North America Season 1, 4v4

1st - NQR North America Season 2, 4v4

2nd - Vendetta, 2v2

2nd - Genocide 5, 4v4

2nd - Smackdown 5, 4v4


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