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Though originally founded by Cyan, Kovaak, and Myth, Ult is the actual founder of The Boss clan. Predicting the upcoming events of the clan being formed, Ult decided the best way to not reveal himself from the public is to telepathically signal all three sons of his to form The Boss and to dominate the NA scene with an iron fist.


The making of The Boss:

1.) Ult wanted to form The Boss to dominate the NA scene. 2.) Cyan came up with the "boss" clan name. 3.) Kovaak suggested " the" as the team handle. 4.) Myth chose 0 9 as the team colors. White means superior class above class. And purple, because it is the "son" of the prime colors, blue and red.


  • Founded: 2004
  • Nationality: Flag us.gif American
  • Clan prefix: Boss.JPG The Boss
  • IRC channel: #theboss (QuakeNet)



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