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Diehuman is a Portuguese QuakeWorld player. He is known to magical appear in 4on4 mixes to save the day. He dislike Duel aslong as it's not dm2 or dm6. First discovered QuakeWorld when he was sent on a Super Secret Space Mission from the Captain of Space Portugal. He found QuakeWorld when accidentally fall into a black hole and was teleported to a Dimension of Shub-Niggurath. He has since then made it his quest to be one of the best QuakeWorld player in the galaxy!

Also plays guitar on a local band called Dul N'Nouk White - DNW brief player introduction.


  • Date of birth: October 999, 29XX
  • Also known as: die
  • Current clan: Flag eu.gif Division 99
  • First spawned: 2004
  • Retired: never
  • Colors:   4     3  
  • Map: dm6
  • Trivia:

Rages alot!

Plays guitar on mumble!

Clan history


Sadly Nothing!


Im getting bored!

You like that!

Random screams of anger!

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