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Europe Division Ninety Nine
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Division Ninety Nine welcome all to join and play and have no expectation for and demand of the players. New players are especially welcomed and can learn quite a lot basic 4on4 from the more experienced players.


2013: Founding

Division Ninety Nine was founded in 2013 to let new and inexperienced players have some fun and play in division 2 of the European Quake League. They debuted in division 2 of European Quake League Season 16 and finished placing 5th of 8.

2014-2016: Growth

They continue their mission as an entry point for QuakeWorld 4on4 players. By the fall of 2015 Division Ninety Nine had grown enough to be able to support multiple teams in tournaments.

For European Quake League Season 20 the clan fielded two teams:

Colors were chosen as team names to emphasize the fact that there was no big differences in skill and activity between the two squads. Blue ended up being the stronger squad. However when both squads fought each other in the league, Red won by a small margin.

For European Quake League Season 21 the clan fielded four teams named after astronomical phenomena:


After the end of the European Quake League the 4on4 activity in the whole QuakeWorld community was pretty low. However with the announcement of the QW2018Teamleague the clan is again looking to field multiple teams comprised of its dedicated players:


With the decline in Clan vs Clan run tournaments Division Ninety Nine has mostly been engaged in private 4on4 practises with a new openness to practise with players from outside the team. Both seasoned veterans and brand new players have been included.

2022 - 2023

A new clan tournament called Qlan War Tournament emerged in the beginning of 2022; and Division Ninety Nine of course signed up!

With many new clan members and old school members: D99 formed a total of five teams. Mira and Pulsar making a comeback to 4on4 with new members; as well as brand new teams in Bag'ett, Spawn Fragged and T3 - all the team members practicing with each other for maximum activity. 007 "joined" on March 13th, 2022. Before the summer began members of Axemen agreed to be apart of our practice sessions.

Qlan Wars 3 players: In early 2023

Division Ninety Nine:

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Teams registered for Qlan War 1 tournament:




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