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2014-12-07, 08:11
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In the dying days of Quakeworld... a team was formed...


This will be some general information on d99 and why you should join us.

I started d99 some years ago because the number of teams were dwindling pretty fast - and there didn't seem to be a natural home for the (as our name implies) less skilled players, like myself, to rally under.
The channel #qwrookie was just starting up at the same time, and they had some 4on4 mixes; which was great, but there was no "team feeling" involved. You joined a game, played a few 4on4's with people you didn't know to well, and came back and repeated it next week. It was nice and consistent at the time. Now a days there is a mix every night, and the top players play with the horrible ones =)

However one of the truly greatest feelings in qw (if you enjoy 4on4, that im 99% sure you are going to do) is being in a team. Victories gives a much higher emotional good feeling and defeats feel less frustrating when you are fighting for the same cause, and in the end have a 'long term goal'. I could ramble on forever about how being in a team is better than playing sporadic mixes, but just trust me a bit on this: Your enjoyment of playing QW is much improved if you join one. Even if you lose all the time with it.

There is one main thought and goal behind d99 - play 4on4, and in the process keep qw alive. If we improve in our gameplay only slightly, or manage to keep someone playing qw for an extended period of time, or returning after a break, we won.

Here are some pros of being in d99:
- We have no supreme leader and I often say it's whoever shouts the loudest !
- People are friendly towards each other and we don't yell at you for screwing up, ever. When someone screws up in game (and we do constantly) we are cool like Winston Wolf.
- There is no skill requirement.
- Everyone gets to play in tournaments.
- You don't have to use voice communication. We don't use it as it is now. (Some of us would like to start using it. Though, if I have anything to say about it: This will never be a requirement to play 4on4 with us. If you say "No, i don't want to use voice com." We are not going to ask why or whatever, that's OK! Maybe somewhere down the line we would like you to listen only if you are adamant
- We have a damn good reputation. Both for having kickass personalities and in the way we often find victory in defeat and never give up in matches.
- We come from all over europe and got one from Usa (Cream you rock) right now, but anyone can join us. Here is our current lineup:
z0mbie90 swe - diehuman por - cream usa - trygve nor - skint uk - lurq swe - ocoini nor - gore uk - leopold ger - klice fra - henu fin - erlend nor - tsobo dk - norules por - stayout - arni - snigelknott -.
I would especially like more Americans (both north and south) to join us so we can help get the American scene rolling again.

Goals for d99:
- Have a big enough roster that we can overcome any idleness and play in-house 4on4 pracs against each other.
Once we get stable pracs going,where more people show up, we are going to bring in the quake superstars to help train us. One has all ready offered to help. The good players need us to get better; just as much as we need them to show us how it's done. Because in the long run we are their teammates and opponents. And its more interesting for everyone if the playing field levels out a bit isn't it?
- Compete in all 4on4 tournaments. If we grow to big, we are dividing into sub - teams (that still prac togheter) - (Next EQL, it's looking hopeful that we will be able to have at least two teams going.)
- Keep QW alive.

Three things we like from you if you join us:
- Come prac with us once a week.
- Hang around on IRC (#div99) from time to time (even just to afk-idle,'everyone' idles on irc in qw .
(It's OK if you miss prac, it's OK to go missing in action for a month or two and then come back.) However if you are interested in helping qw, you should show up !
- Be cool like Winston Wolf or eventually chill out like Yolanda.

Most of us are actually quite experienced 4on4 players but we have never really breached the mid-range qw skill, and with past fps experience you will quickly catch up to the least skilled of us, and will be able to shine if you put some effort in
Maybe even be picked up by the better teams somewhere down the line? Of course eventually; d99 is going to rule =)

We need players that are good right now as well, we have a couple now that are fairly decent. Even if i angle this post as a ' d99 for the less skilled recruitment post' we aren't only for us.
If your decent and team less, please do hook up with us for a time.
Maybe you stay, maybe you leave and make a your own team with others or current d99 members? 4on4's might get played, QW wins. Just don't disrespect us and everything is good, we are trying our best

*Especially we need people that can type this word in channel and mean it:

To round it off.. At the start of this EQL season - Hooraytio mentioned that this season might be the last EQL. I don't know if it's going to end now or not, I'm hopeful someone will still have willpower to keep the sinking ship afloat - But they can't do it alone. There is no point for the organizers to do anything if there are no players around.
So, if you are interested in getting more out of your Quakeworld experience - d99 is one choice that I hope you consider. Especially if you have never played 4on4 before, or don't think you are good enough: We are your one entrance into the qw 4on4 scene
If you believe you might have an interest in QW's future and want to contribute all you have to do is play with us

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2014-12-07, 11:54
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I'll play sometimes if that's ok? Voice just totally puts me off in-game. Guess I need full concentration not to totally suck Alas, my ping isn't what it once was...

BTW great attitude you guys have,
2014-12-07, 18:19
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of course gore, hop on in, norules allready joined =)
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2014-12-07, 19:39
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This was inspirational, wp oco
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