Kapitan Kloze  /  28 May 2024, 17:05
These Chinese mice are coming out like there's no tomorrow. And guess what, they are getting better and better.
Read on for the full review down below.

Kapitan Kloze  /  21 May 2024, 23:09

In the competitive world of high-end (HE) keyboards, China has quickly become a powerhouse, following closely in the pioneering footsteps of Wooting. With their innovative magnetic keyboard designs, Chinese brands are challenging Wooting’s supremacy by offering high-quality, affordable alternatives. Among the newest players making significant waves are ReDragon, Irok, and Keydous.
sassa  /  15 May 2024, 07:56

The seasons most anticipated game has been scheduled.
Miltons finger has semi-healed and he and the Bennet Squad is ready to face Firing Squad tomorrow at 21:30 CET.

The game is the EQL Cup 3 Grand Finals and will be best of 5 series and broadcasted by BadsebiTV
Kapitan Kloze  /  9 May 2024, 13:21
QuakeWorld Eternal 2024 is the latest tournament in the QuakeWorld scene. This clan-based 4on4 competition is designed to decide who is the best on the official three classic maps, often refered as The Big Three (Dm2, Dm3 and E1M2) and the upcoming Schloss (20 years old?).
The tour will start at Schloss, and later continue with e1m2, dm2, and dm3 later this year.

Each map will have its own tournament to finalize the best clan/players on each map.

Capture The Flag
sassa  /  7 May 2024, 12:36
Capture the Flag (CTF) is an adrenaline-fueled arena in Quakeworld and few players have the insight and experience of Shining, a veteran known for his long commitment to the scene.
In this interview, Shining dives into the intricacies of CTF, from fundamental strategies to advanced tactics for competitive play. He discusses the evolution of CTF, the significance of teamwork, and his personal CTF journey.

Kapitan Kloze  /  27 Apr 2024, 23:42
We've covered already a "baby GPX" (review here) but this time we're testing the "assymetrical GPX".

sassa  /  22 Apr 2024, 08:14
As the EQL Cup 3 approaches its climactic finale, we spoke with four veteran QuakeWorld players who shared their unique insights and expert analysis. Although not competing in the finals, their perspectives on team strategies and standout player performances provide a deeper understanding of what has shaped this competition.

Macler, a seasoned player from Poland, emphasized the competitive edge of the finalists, stating,
"Bennett looks very solid before the final and probably the favorite after crushing SD. FS is not without a chance; their balanced squad and experience could level the playing field."
This insider commentary highlights the high stakes and strategic depth expected in the upcoming final showdown.

Kapitan Kloze  /  16 Apr 2024, 13:22
I've written a few words about my latest gear upgrade - a gaming DAC that also can be used for enhanced music experience. Read on and check out my Fosi Audio K5 Pro review.


P.S. Yes, that image is supposed to catch your eye and click it, you wankers :E
sassa  /  15 Apr 2024, 08:28
The Kombat Duel 7 tournament is underway, showcasing top 1on1 Quake players from February 26th to an anticipated finish on April 20th. Organized by Alice, known for her contributions to the Quake map-making scene with popular arenas like Rocka and Aztec, this tournament divides competitors into three divisions based on their skill levels, each battling through a group stage followed by intense single elimination playoffs.

sassa  /  11 Apr 2024, 09:44
The European Quake League Cup 3 is reaching its climax, with the semifinals showcasing intense matchups and drama. Bennett, formerly known as Miltons clan, secured their spot in the finals with a decisive 3-1 victory over Suddendeath. Meanwhile, Firing Squad edged out Polonez in a nail-biting 3-2 series, setting the stage for an epic showdown in the tournament's final round.
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Rock2ober 2019 = THIS Saturday! https://www.attackersgored.com/?p=3194
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