Link  /  10 Nov 2022, 09:20

The Wizard's Manse released 3 new 4on4 maps today. They are all converted from Counter-Strike: Italy, Mirage and Nuke. 2 more is on the way; dust2 and cobble.
toma  /  31 Oct 2022, 23:49
The QW-Group was not resting in the past couple of weeks: we present KTX 1.42!

As usual, couple of improvements and bugfixes are delivered with this release.

Full changelog
Precompiled binaries
toma  /  25 Sep 2022, 18:39
GetQuad! 6 Division 3 Draft live today!
GetQuad! 6 Draft's Division 3 Draft will take place live today at 21:15 CEST and be broadcast on
toma  /  22 Sep 2022, 13:33
GetQuad! 6 Draft's Division 2 Draft will take place live today at 21:15 CEST and be broadcast on
HangTime  /  17 Sep 2022, 10:45
The latest Quakeworld 4on4 tournament, GetQuad! 6 Draft (GQ6) will take place live this Sunday evening at 21:15 CEST and be broadcast on . Tune in on Sunday to see if you are picked in Division 1 and hear the draft pickers explain their choices!
toma  /  5 Sep 2022, 22:16
The QW-Group proudly present that KTX 1.41 has been released!

Couple of improvements has been added, for CA, CTF and for the TDM game modes. And some bugfixes here and there.

Complete release notes
Precompiled binaries
XantoM  /  2 Sep 2022, 10:18
Say hello to !

  • Streams 24/7, all year round
  • Automatically joins the "best server" (according to a custom ranking algorithm)
  • Controlled via Twitch chat (see commands below)
  • Channel title updated based on current game
  • Community commentary possible
Andeh  /  27 Aug 2022, 19:35
GetQuad 6 has been announced by the GetQuad team.

GetQuad is a Draft 4on4 Tournament, which means that skilled players are chosen as Captains and during a live-event draft, they choose players to play for them from the pool of signups.

Depending on the amount of players, often times a division 2 is born as well with a close to identical system as the highest division.

Anyone is allowed to sign up, so here follows a few important links:
Signup Form to play in GetQuad
GetQuad Discord, make sure to join!
The main QuakeWorld Discord
toma  /  31 Jul 2022, 11:50
A hotfix for mvdsv and qtv has been release: Fix for demo names that contain multiple periods in a row
Thanks ciscon for the contribution!

MVDSV Release Notes
QTV Release Notes

Compiled binaries:
bps  /  7 Jun 2022, 06:54
As recently announced, QHLAN 2022 will take place between 17 - 20 November, 2022. Thanks to legendary QuakeWorld player Sniket from Clan 9, QHLAN 2022 will be held at his superb dance studio in “Slakthusområdet” near Globen, Stockholm, Sweden.

The website is now online, and registration is open. Five days after launch, 68 of the 100 available seats were booked. Head over there to secure yourself a seat at the biggest happening in recent years!

Official website ( | Official trailer (youtube) | #qhlan @ Discord | More details in the Wiki
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