praxismo  /  13 Apr 2019, 13:11

Legend has long been spoken of a super draft tournament in our midst. 85 signups across 3 divisions. Admins john and Link have spent the last week sweating blood to make it happen, and now the moment has come.

Tonight! 2100 CEST, Saturday 13th April, the draft will begin, and TastySpleen have something special prepared for all. First course: Div 3, then Div 2: the main course, and last but certainly not least, everyone's favourite: Division 1.

Live on stream! TastySpleenTV serving up the goodness, promising a show that will not disappoint.

All entrants and spectators invited to join the GetQuad! discord server, which acts as the main hub, via
bps  /  4 Apr 2019, 12:57
Here we go, another iteration of QHLAN is about to spawn in Silkeborg, Denmark at the end of August.
The venue is a community center with about 70 seats. Our Danish community member and legendary admin Zalon will run the logistics, as he's been involved with the place before.
bps  /  3 Apr 2019, 22:14
In April/May we're all going to play 4on4 again, says Link, the initiator of a new Draft Cup, and everyone is invited.
VVD  /  2 Mar 2019, 20:08
The season 10 has passed leaving a lot of fun memories and moments. The winners of the season 10 are:
While the intention to keep this tournament every half of the year could not be fullfilled every time, yet this time we are happy to announce the new season Thunderdome 11 which starts 2019-03-17.

The registration is now open!

The rules this time are slightly different from the previous seasons. First of all the aim of the rules change is not only to provide the opportunity for everyone to play the most popular maps, but also to try the new, not fully studied duel maps, enabling players to challenge their skill in a fair competition on an unusual maps. This allows leveling of the field then the new players and veterans could have a fresh start and the results of the games are less predictable, making the tournament more exciting to follow.

The main changes in the rules are:
  • One default map pool extended with new maps;
  • Possibility to create the very unique own map pool if both players agree;
  • For the first time using Discord for the scheduling of the games and communication between players.
For the details see the rules section.

The registration is open using the following link and will be closed 15th of March 2019. The admin team will perform division placements and creating the schedule and brackets on 16th, and the 17th the first games could be started.

We are welcome everyone regardless of the skill level to join and enjoy the tournament together with us!
VVD  /  25 Feb 2019, 11:39
    1. NL - 15 points
    2. VVD - 14
    3. dago - 10
    4. tummen - 7
    5. rghst - 4
    1. Goa - 20
    2. John - 16
    3. multibear - 15
    4. skulker - 11
    5. am3is - 7
    6. Abraxas - 4
Demos and brackets.

The version of the map updated as a result of players feedback is available here: toxicity_test2.bsp.

P.S. Thanks for playing! GGS!
VVD  /  19 Feb 2019, 01:11
The new 1 day tournament is opening on upcoming Sunday the 24th of February. Registration is open!
The purpose of the tournament is to test the potential changes of the new map Toxicity for applicability to the upcoming Thunderdome 11 (and further) tournament.
The tournament is agreed with Thuriam, the author of the QW port, and he will take the feedback from the tournament for his map.
The exact format (double/single elimination, 1 or 2 divisions) and time (16-17:00 UTC?) will be announced later depending on amount of registered participants.
The map is available on - 4, - 4, - 5, - 4 and here.

    16:00 UTC = 17:00 CET: Close signups.
    16:10 UTC = 17:10 CET: All players MUST be online not later this time at IRC #Thunderdome or in Discord.
    16:20 UTC = 17:20 CET: Admins will write decision about tournament system.
    16:30 UTC = 17:30 CET: Admins will write brackets and players can start playing games!
UPDATE 2: Demos and brackets.
RaggA  /  18 Jan 2019, 16:40
The sign ups are closed, the divisions are finalized and Get2Gether Second Edition is ready to kick off this Sunday, 20th January. Get Hyped!
RaggA  /  15 Dec 2018, 18:52
Grab your partners by the hand, Get2Gether returns for a second season in 2019!
RaggA  /  26 Nov 2018, 07:26
With 2018 coming to a close the QW community looks to the future. And we are happy to announce a brand new duel league to kick off 2019 with a bang. It's HAMMER TIME!
Client software
RaggA  /  21 Nov 2018, 08:12
After 9 months hard development and refinement FortressOne 1.0.0 is now available for download. FortressOne for those not in the know is a stand alone Quakeworld Team Fortress package containing all you need to enjoy that most legendary of mods in the modern day. Featured in the package are a modified version of the ezQuake client, updated textures and models as well as a many other general improvements. Whether you are an old hand or a curious new comer to QWTF you can check it out for free today. Simply grab the package installer, available in both Windows and Linux flavors.
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