toma  /  31 Jul 2022, 11:50
A hotfix for mvdsv and qtv has been release: Fix for demo names that contain multiple periods in a row
Thanks ciscon for the contribution!

MVDSV Release Notes
QTV Release Notes

Compiled binaries:
bps  /  7 Jun 2022, 06:54
As recently announced, QHLAN 2022 will take place between 17 - 20 November, 2022. Thanks to legendary QuakeWorld player Sniket from Clan 9, QHLAN 2022 will be held at his superb dance studio in “Slakthusområdet” near Globen, Stockholm, Sweden.

The website is now online, and registration is open. Five days after launch, 68 of the 100 available seats were booked. Head over there to secure yourself a seat at the biggest happening in recent years!

Official website ( | Official trailer (youtube) | #qhlan @ Discord | More details in the Wiki
Link  /  12 Feb 2022, 19:09
Yeah you are reading it right....the map "community" The Wizard's Manse have lost their way and are converting Counter-Strike maps to QuakeWorld 4on4.
toma  /  4 Jan 2022, 18:23
It is not exactly a new stuff, as both were released in September 2021, but there hasn't been any post here on

KTX Release notes
MVDSV Release notes

Compiled binaries:

From the many features and bugfixes I would like to explicitly mention one, which could help players with packet loss:
The qizmo-like packet duplication has been added to mvdsv and to ezquake.
Andeh  /  9 Dec 2021, 17:02
Quake.Pub, previously, is a mainly Czech website covering Quake. The recent interest and activity in QuakeWorld led them to sit down with Andeh for an interview on GetQuad#5, Organ Grinder, QuakeWorld and much more...
Link  /  4 Dec 2021, 11:20

A thought became and idea, an idea became a little news update and a discord server. And what now? 18 clans have so far registered and signed up for the newly spawned Qlan War Tournament. Players are already being traitorous
Link  /  30 Nov 2021, 09:24

The first regular season in Europe's 3 divisions are over and you can see all division tables HERE. North America already started the playoffs and only 1 semifinal + the final are yet to be played.
RaggA  /  27 Nov 2021, 23:28

Greetings Quakers. Grab your partners by the hand, the Time2Hammer 2on2 League is back in 2022 for a 3rd season!
Link  /  18 Nov 2021, 15:00
Signup is ready for the very first Qlan War Tournament. Discord is also up and we already got some clans up and running. The first tournament starts the 2nd week of January.
Link  /  15 Nov 2021, 09:51

The question must be asked. My first LAN party was in February 1997 when the Norwegian quake scene came together for the first time…and now nearly 25 years later I am thinking I just attended the best LAN party ever in some godforsaken place in the middle of Poland.
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