ocoini  /  11 Sep 2018, 17:04

The October 2018 calender will be privileged to entertain a new QuakeWorld AllStars showmatch!

Bringing the best of the best together to showcase the fastest and most punishing team deathmatch game that exists. The AllStars series is back to guard the game with a QuadPentaRing-esque collaborative event and you can help!

Amazing players Astounding casters Awesome game - Triple A show!
Client software
meag  /  28 Aug 2018, 10:02
After an all-too-long wait, ezQuake 3.1 is finally finished. You can upgrade to the latest version by downloading from the official site, or you can read the changelog first at github. That's also the place to report bugs & issues.

Compared to the 3.0 release, most changes should be relatively minor.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed over the past two years with suggestions, patches & testing.
RaggA  /  7 Jun 2018, 19:16
Things have seemed to stall a bit with the league so we a making a small request to teams regarding scheduling.
Ake Vader  /  11 Apr 2018, 17:28
A show under Swedish Radio called P3 Spel (P3 Games) has recently interviewed [9]Nikodemus among others in a blast to the past that is the beginning of E-sports and the Clan 9 vs Deathrow showdown in Stockholm. It's 15 minutes (unfortunately in Swedish but with some English interview snippets with the Planetquake guy) that shares a few nuggets of Quake history.

P3 Spel - The birth of international e-sports
Ake Vader  /  27 Mar 2018, 20:45
The server package nQuakesv, consisting of convenient installation scripts for the de-facto standard combination of MVDSV + KTX on the server side, has received a few bug fixes and minor enhancements for its Linux flavor.
RaggA  /  21 Mar 2018, 16:57

With the successful Get2Gether 2on2 tournament coming into its final stages, attention now turns to what will be next on the Quakeworld competitive calendar. So after a fair amount of rumor and discussion we are proud to announce the QW 2018 Team League, a new 4on4 tournament focused on providing fast and furious clan based action for all players across the skill range of Quakeworld. Be prepared to see the stalwarts of the 4on4 scene rub shoulders with enthusiastic new upstarts and possibly the return of an old legend or two ;-)
Client software
mission  /  24 Feb 2018, 12:53
classicQ v1.1 has been released. It now contains the latest Fodquake client and also some minor tweaks. For those unfamiliar with this project - it's kind of nQuake with Fodquake, but with old school visuals of the original QuakeWorld.

dimman  /  18 Jan 2018, 16:24
We're currently doing maintenance on servers which may cause some sites (including sub-sites) to be unreachable from time to time. We're working on fixing this as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully when everything is back online we'll have a much better infrastructure to build on for the future.

/ Admins
Ake Vader  /  16 Jan 2018, 19:39
Tournament admin Beginner is starting off the QuakeWorld year by drafting up plans for a new QuakeWorld 2on2 tournament under the name Get2Gether. The suggestion is a skill based 2on2 tournament with a classic map pool consisting of DM2, DM4, DM6 Aerowalk and ZTNDM3. Read on for more detailed information from the tournament admins regarding the proposed tournament.
Ake Vader  /  9 Dec 2017, 17:16
Seeing how there have been a few new players dipping their toes in the deep end of QuakeWorld that is 4on4 team deathmatch a quickstart guide for other potential players wanting to do the same has been compiled. This piece is not a guide on how to play 4on4, rather a guide on how to start a 4on4 match and a quick mention on some common concepts relating to it.
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