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QHLAN  /  16 Jan 2024, 14:12
Pictures are more worth than thousand words? Lets do the end credits in pictures and in another post you'll maybe get the words
(Pictures are sent in, check comments for more pictures)
Misc  /  8 Jan 2024, 15:27
Few days left until the lan.
I have summed up my predictions and schedule so you all can follow.
Lets go!
QHLAN  /  7 Dec 2023, 21:25
Last year I did not go..
Got severe FOMO
This year I will be going and it will be Epic - FUCKING EPIC!
QHLAN  /  2 Nov 2022, 13:29
A lot of big names have been listed at the Qhlan tourney but will we have some surprises?
Tournaments  /  23 Feb 2022, 22:26
COM is loosing today
Whats the difference between today and yesterday, well, Nitram was missing.
Misc  /  8 Feb 2022, 21:57
QuakeWorld is back
DIscord is new and fresh
Divisions are back
But where is the dramah?
Misc  /  30 Sep 2014, 09:26
Lets celebrate the 33'rd birthday of DAGurra
Websites  /  1 Apr 2014, 16:23
This site started by me buggin Paradoks over and over again so that he finally talked through it with Zalon and Shadow.
Tournaments  /  30 Dec 2013, 18:40
I have heard so much about this league but where is it?
Misc  /  18 Dec 2013, 20:51
Wednesday night, a good night for qw mix while we are inbetween EQL18 and EQL19 and still waiting for the Duelmania final to start on Sunday and something unusual on the QW servers happen. XTERM whines, its not a normal whine but its a heavy 2 hour whine. Lets get to the bottom of this!
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