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Tournaments  /  23 Feb 2022, 22:26
COM is loosing today
Whats the difference between today and yesterday, well, Nitram was missing.
Misc  /  8 Feb 2022, 21:57
QuakeWorld is back
DIscord is new and fresh
Divisions are back
But where is the dramah?
Misc  /  30 Sep 2014, 09:26
Lets celebrate the 33'rd birthday of DAGurra
Websites  /  1 Apr 2014, 16:23
This site started by me buggin Paradoks over and over again so that he finally talked through it with Zalon and Shadow.
Tournaments  /  30 Dec 2013, 18:40
I have heard so much about this league but where is it?
Misc  /  18 Dec 2013, 20:51
Wednesday night, a good night for qw mix while we are inbetween EQL18 and EQL19 and still waiting for the Duelmania final to start on Sunday and something unusual on the QW servers happen. XTERM whines, its not a normal whine but its a heavy 2 hour whine. Lets get to the bottom of this!
EQL  /  5 Jul 2011, 07:12
Ahoi, Im searching for a div1 player that can fil into this profile:
Mods  /  14 Apr 2011, 20:45
Slide has become the "new" thing as the routing system have been updated with exact routes on all servers. The players best race is saved and added to a top10 list for each map!
There are several servers that have this but I go by the CUVE servers top list.
Interviews  /  21 Feb 2011, 21:14
Whats going on with Fusion this EQLseason?
I got hold of Skillah wiki for some questions.

Look everyone is pointing at Skillah
EQL  /  17 Feb 2011, 21:24
tVS takes a longer break than I (we?) thought and will not apear in this round of EQL.


Gaz has done a great preview of the divisions and I will not get into that since his roundup is very well done!


Many people look at Fusion with big eyes now that they got mr Blaze but not me, I have had eyes on them for a while now and they are better without tVS-Scottie Pippen (or even more tVS-Rodman?) than with him!

With the information of nitram, will be more idle this season, will mix up Fusions lineup and now we need to see who their top 4 players are but before we do that I will add something VERY ODD I just saw in a game between Fusion and Slackers.mix @ dm2:

- Map dm2 - around 10min?!? vs Slackers
- Fusion have controll of YA/tele+High
- Quad in 15sec
- Rikoill has 150+100+rl at high, mega is at GL with no gl/rox there
- Blaze has 150+100+rl at ya/tele

What just breaks me apart is that Rikoll points at mega @ mega and saves it for Blaze + lets Blaze take the Quad.... do you really think a Pippen can become a Jordan?
Think twice Fusion and start with this lineup instead:

chris / lacsap

if you find blaze good enough to make it for the starting lineup, then use him as Slackers did with en_kar l= "the new teleguy" for a season or two!

any objections?

PS Squeeze is h0t as fuck but the ping is not the best if you wanna go for #1
PS2. I love the idea of Slackers 2_v2 but v1 would spank them any given day!
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