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QHLAN  /  7 Dec 2023, 21:25
Are you not coming? FOMO!!
Last year I did not go..
Got severe FOMO
This year I will be going and it will be Epic - FUCKING EPIC!
Yes lads, I am talking about Qhlan 2024 the 10-14 of January.

I will be on a road trip together with Flintheart and NCR from Skåne to visit the snow in Stockholm and get together with +110 QW nerd in the battle of the year.

At first, I was only participating as a spectator - bought the heavy red armor to support the community but now as the LAN gets closer and my addicting twitch-speccing gets more intense - I find no other way than to rent a pc+monitor.

Yes - we need to get into the action and be a part of the gibfest!

And maybe some of my Fellow ToTs will join the party?
2023-12-07, 22:09
2023-12-07, 22:23
Right on there sassa! <3
2023-12-07, 22:38
Sassa 2 QH

What ToT guys can you summon!?
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