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Misc  /  8 Jan 2024, 15:27
Qhlan 2024 Masters
Few days left until the lan.
I have summed up my predictions and schedule so you all can follow.
Lets go!
Renting PCs, Chair, Foood on the spot, Beer and loads of beers

Yes, they have thought of it all except for the Warzone Trophy which will unfortunately not happen this year.

My road toward the QH will be together with Flintheart, NCR and RST.

Wendesday at 09 I will met up with Flinta in south scania (southern southern Sweden)
~10:00 pick up NCR in Kristianstad (try to pronounce that city name)
~13:00 pick up RST in Jönköping (try to pronounce his nick loudly)
~17:00 we will arrive at QH after checkin to our hotel


Relax and setup your pc and cfg.
Mingle and dingle with the people that you have yelled at throughout the year and say sorry(!) for being an as-hole.
Drink some beers and talk about the sthlm life - somehow some groups will probably go out and enjoy the city nightlife (count me in).
Mixinen and get ready for the tourneys

First day of tourney and the 1on1s!
Signup closes at 12:00 and thats when the tourney starts.
Milton is probably to scared to join since he is to scared to loose and add a 2nd place to his wiki site.
Reppie!! Macler!! Xterm, Xantom Valla, Locktar, Carapace, Locust, BPS
Zorak (Canada)!!
And probably more ppl I have forgotten but its a good pool of players.
Zorak will be one of the favos together with Reppie and Carapace.
But Milton... do it for the fans, not for the wiki site, come on!!!

Its fucking friday, lets get fuuucked up!!!!
I have heard rumours that Cara will play with Milton, if that is the case, then it will be a battle between them and Bps/Locust & Reppie/Razor. jesus its nice. I know that Berna/Speedball are good but not on this level. It would apply for Blooddog/Zorac but from what I have heard, Blood will not make it :-(

The shit we have been waiting for, the fucking 4on4s!!!!
It will be between 4 teams only:
POL - Maclers 50% polish team
fSr - fS (Reppie/Razor) and Sr (Zero - ParadokS)
SD - rst, Cara, bps, ganon
COM - Miltons swefinland team with diki, xantom, xterm and valla/martin/nitram.

Predictions? any team can take this on a good day, the past days pracs is evidence.
I will say that COM is the favourites since they have won the last lan and online-tourneys quite easy.
Para/reppie are back from a +4 years pause and in a new constalation.

after the finals we party!!

What do you think? Who will win what and how?
2024-01-08, 15:30
Missing the 1on1s unfortunately. And Para/reppie with a 4 year break? Think both returned way before I did and played some drafts. SD/SR were the two teams to beat in early 2022 when I came back after 7 years pause!
2024-01-08, 15:37
Do it for the fans Milton !
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