QHLAN  /  16 Jan 2024, 14:12
Pictures are more worth than thousand words? Lets do the end credits in pictures and in another post you'll maybe get the words
(Pictures are sent in, check comments for more pictures)
Misc  /  8 Jan 2024, 15:27
Few days left until the lan.
I have summed up my predictions and schedule so you all can follow.
Lets go!
QHLAN  /  7 Dec 2023, 21:25
Last year I did not go..
Got severe FOMO
This year I will be going and it will be Epic - FUCKING EPIC!
QHLAN  /  2 Nov 2022, 13:29
A lot of big names have been listed at the Qhlan tourney but will we have some surprises?
Tournaments  /  23 Feb 2022, 22:26
COM is loosing today
Whats the difference between today and yesterday, well, Nitram was missing.
Misc  /  8 Feb 2022, 21:57
QuakeWorld is back
DIscord is new and fresh
Divisions are back
But where is the dramah?
Tournaments  /  1 Mar 2021, 01:52
So as HammerTime 3 draws to a close, I thought I'd write up a mini-review of my season, whilst it is still quite fresh in my mind. These are just my own personal opinions based on a set of games I played, so don't get offended by anything I put here
Sport  /  1 Jan 2021, 11:12
Hello, Guys.
I'am ZLoy, zzzz, fake little lolly and e.t.c

I had the disease COVID-19 in december 2020, 3.12-7.12

I need to return back to real life.
I played Quake 1 24 year, I started playing in 1997 or 1998

I remember battalies in and XS4ALL.NL, like FFA, because it is real battle, and very emotional.

Like to play width Milton, LoctaR, BuLaT, Morse and many other good players.

My family is a warriors, they be a soldier in WW2

Thay are all heroes, 4 brothears my gradpha be a hero.
Little broather Victor Timofeevich Mahrin 1919 died near Murmansk USSR and Norway in submarine M-175. German Submarine attack this boat by torpedo. He was die in 1942.

I like our community, But I need to say Good Bye.

Good Luck,

Best Regards, Warrior,
Machrin Ivan Alexandrovich 1977 , Russian,
Guides  /  31 Mar 2020, 22:58
In the first part of series we will cover e3m7tdm.

I have to tell again that what you are going to read is Milton's map analyses. It is an extract of the Discord chat we had during the tournament.

The "tdm" version of the original episode map contains an extra corridor and opening from the GL area to crossing. I never played the original, so I can only say what I was told:
This extra opening was done to avoid complete lockdowns. Did it achieved its purpose? Hard to tell...
Guides  /  2 Mar 2020, 20:26
I became one if the luckiest person in the QW community when it turned out that during the GetQuad! Kenya Invitational tournament I will be playing in Milton's Mutants. Being in the team of one of the best player in the World, even for just a short amount of time, was once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Million thanks Link, for putting me there !

I want to share with you guys what I've learned during the 6 weeks. We played on maps that I never knew existed. So I think those map tactics that Milton provided, together with the valuable feedback of Pattah, Lurq and Klice could come handy. At least for someone with the same skill level of mine (somewhere around div 2.5?).
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