Mods  /  19 Oct 2017, 08:18
Finally after over half a year of being in beta, Chilling Spree is now considered "stable".
There are things to work on still, but they are less of bugs and more of features/ideas.
Hardware  /  13 Oct 2017, 14:00
As most of the readers, i'm near my forties. And i've played games all my life. Lately nostalgia knocked in, and while chatting with my mate Matrix on Whatsapp, he told me he was looking for a CRT monitor in local ads.
I understood what he was aiming for.

He finally got one. And I got one too. In 2017.

This is our story
Mods  /  24 Jul 2017, 06:50
I remember the first time I sat with QuakeC, I believe I was a little thirteen year old kid and got the hang of modifying the weapons quite fast. Made some nuke launchers, took sounds from old Mod communities soundbanks and did laser nailguns, whatever was fun to do. I did one mod with a readme textfile and everything, named it ”Enhanced Weapons”, then I just totally went on to other things when it was about programming stuff.
Mods  /  30 Jun 2017, 10:07
I've been patching and developing my own mod for Quakeworld, Chilling Spree. The life of the project is a long story but I'm happy that it now runs pretty well.
Websites  /  25 Apr 2017, 12:26
I've been working on this for what seems like forever (well, over a year), and after many twists and turns it is starting to take shape, so I've uploaded to, and you guys can take a look.

The site has taken a couple of different forms, and now ends up doing... well, not any of them very well. So for starters you can't even upload yet (explanation below), but I'll keep adding bits over the next few weeks and eventually it will make more sense.
Mods  /  9 Jan 2017, 16:06
Have been working recently on changes to race mode in KTX: adding optional pacemakers so you have an indication of the record-holder's route as you try and keep up, and also some changes to help map authors create routes.

The latest version is on for testing, hopefully not too many issues outstanding and it'll be in KTX standard soon after.
Mods  /  8 Nov 2016, 19:42
I didn't even know I could write blog articles on here, I might as well put it to use.

Feels like slow progress on the development front recently, have been working on lots of things but not really getting them finished. The one that's been taking up most of my time is creating a version of KTX that also includes the frogbots. This has taken up far more of my life than I'd like to admit, but is finally getting into a much better state.
Misc  /  30 Oct 2016, 02:31
I killed the AU Quakeworld Facebook chat because it became a place of sharing bullshit and nothing to do with QW.

If you actually wanna talk about QW and organise games then head to the group on Discord: here

Or the Worldwide Quakeworld discord: here
Games  /  22 Sep 2016, 23:45
Hot off the press is the first piece in my coverage of the pending boom that is the resurgence of the 90's fast pace arena shooter.... That was a mouthful.

I have conducted an Interview with David Szymanski who is the creator of the upcoming Quake1 styled shooter 'Dusk'. Make sure you check out the Trailer before continuing. This is one game to get excited about.

Open the full article to read the interview....
Games  /  21 Sep 2016, 00:27
Sadly, since the end of QuakeCon, all of the QW servers in Australia have been like a ghost town... This has left me in a bit of a pickle. On one hand I am dying for some QW action... but beyond a couple of games per week, I have been unable to find any. How do I quench this thirst? Start looking for something new to play...

Normally my go-to game when I cannot find any QW is to play QuakeLive Clan Arena which is pretty fast and fun and I don't find it very difficult to be competitive however even this is now difficult to get action in. Most QW players in Australia have moved over to Overwatch so I did the same but already I am bored.

Fortunately for me there is a whole slather of *new* 90's arena style shooters all about to hit the market so I am going to begin reviewing them here on with the hope that my reviews bring some attention back to the Quakeworld scene (people will have to come to to read the reviews right?)

Read the full article to see my list...
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