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Played mostly on LAN with friends since the game came out. But my first ever official 4/4 tournament was GQ Season 2 .
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Map tactics of the GetGuad:Kenya Invitational - Part I - e3m7tdm
In the first part of series we will cover e3m7tdm.

I have to tell again that what you are going to read is Milton's map analyses. It is an extract of the Discord chat we had during the tournament.

The "tdm" version of the original episode map contains an extra corridor and opening from the GL area to crossing. I never played the original, so I can only say what I was told:
This extra opening was done to avoid complete lockdowns. Did it achieved its purpose? Hard to tell...
The spawns:
  • one in start (with GA, SNG and Ring)
  • one at gl (just GL)
  • two at tower (RL, Quad, YA, Mega)
  • one at ra (just RA)
  • one at end (RL, YA, Mega, Quad, Pent and NO ROCKETS)

We always want to control both rockets (tower and end) and ra. And you have to choose one of the spawns not to cover: it's either gl or start
The pick is usually gl. Only rarely one can go to start. This is because gl is still a somewhat dangerous weapon and is right next to tower so switching is easy.

You probably want to leave the start spawn empty, even though the extra corridor between gl and center doesn't make it much easier to attack anywhere (ra or tower).

You basically have one spawn to worry about. Someone can come from start but that enemy will be below you.
It is pretty simple too on paper, but can cause some problems every once in a while. The good thing is that you have plenty of rockets.
You stand on the bridge between gl and tower and shoot at either of the spawns next to you: there's a spawn between tower and gl that is usually handled by the tower guy, but the gl guy definitely can chime in.
It's worth noting that players spawning in start might come below you, and it's quite easy to hurt yourself with splash damage when you shoot at them from the bridge, be careful!

It's a telefrag hell with very awkward movement. Very chaotic and annoying to control, but it's doable. There's a Mega under the lift; Quad door opens when you shoot at it; YA under the tower; 10 rockets + RL in the tower.
The lift to the tower doesn't move down as long as someone stands on it.
In rape games standing in the tower is very viable. In tighter games standing behind one of the spawns next to the lift is safer.
An enemy can sneak through the gl -> mid corridor and attack through lift to tower.

This is probably the easiest place to hold.
As long as end area is safe, there's only one way the enemies can come from, and most of the time they will come with no armor and max grenade launcher. In addition to that, you have one spawn in front of your face and RA to fall back to.
Here you need some rockets too, but usually not as many because it is easy to switch between the ra guy and the gl guy through the tunnel between gl and cage.
You sit between the spawn at ra and RA, and shoots a rocket when an enemy spawns.
That's all, as static as quake gets. As long as the rest of the team does what they are supposed to do, you DO NOT MOVE!

This used to be the most boring and the easiest place to control by far, because there's only one spawn there, and you have almost everything you could ever want (YA, Mega, Quad, Pent, health). The only resource you lack is rockets. Hence the guy with 50+ rockets would always head for end. The Ring is at start but there's a teleport connecting end to start. This makes it slightly more challenging to control end RL side in a full lock situation, but not by much. The added challenge is even somewhat compensated by the possibility to go through the tele and get the ten rockets on that side.
Be extremely careful with the spawn - it's surprisingly easy to get telefragged there.
And the lava... it's deeeeep

The start is of uttermost importance!
The end guy should go straight to the lift in front of him, take the RL and jump to Pent. Only after that he should consider Quad, YA and Mega.
If you feel like a pro, you could let either the ra guy or the start guy take the Quad, leave for tower and let the mate wait for the second RL with the Quad.
Anyway, the Pent should most often go to get rockets somewhere...
There is a pack of 10 rockets near start, 10 rockets at gl and 10 rockets in the tower. The start rockets are probably your best bet, but the problem is that they will most probably have been taken and they spawn every 30 seconds, just like the RL.
The most advanced way to play this is that either the gl guy or the tower guy (with RL) switches positions with the Pent guy: The tower guy going to end with his load of rockets, and the Pent guy will control the tower.

The start guy won't be fast enough to prevent the end guy from getting RL and Pent, so there is no hurry to get there.
He should take GA, SNG and Ring, and then go through the tele to see if he can steal the Quad from the Pent guy, perhaps even make him fall in lava.

The ra guy goes backwards, picks up RA and then either goes to end (if mate is there), or goes to tower to help.

gl guy just rushes to tower and tries to help there.

The guy spawning between gl and tower won't make it to RL, so he should get Quad and YA. With Quad and YA he can jump over the lava and push for the Mega as well if it's enemy tower RL. That will make the tower RL guy's life very miserable.

The tower RL lift spawn will just take the lift and take the RL.

The other two players split between the rockets and get one rocket each: one going to ra and the other going to gl.

If you get a proper full start with both rockets and Pent, you should definitely do the switch: Pent stays in the tower, tower RL goes to ra, and with the 2nd RA to end.

Full Maplock in 40 seconds!
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