Staff and credits
The people
There has been alot of people involved in and related projects over the years. A community that together has put an immense amount of time on contributing with everything from posting various content to development and administration.

The scene is rather small nowdays, but there has always been people around, willing to contribute in one way or another, which is very appreciative and essential to keep this old awesome game from fading away into oblivion.
Current staff
Sweden Jon 'swiNg' Andersson
Denmark Martin 'Zalon' Madsen
Head writers
Denmark David 'Paradoks' Larsen
Portugal Joao 'mushi' Silva
The current site was designed and developed by:
Sweden Jon 'swiNg' Andersson
Sweden Jonny 'dimman'
Denmark Martin 'Zalon' Madsen
And a big thanks to the following people who has been part of the creation of the previous sites since 2003.
Great Britain Gareth 'gaz'
Sweden Jon 'bps' Cednert
Sweden Linus 'Åke Vader' Bäckman
Denmark Martin 'Zalon' Madsen
Great Britain Paulie 'manny'
United States Phil 'Phil' Romov
Denmark Tobias 'Shadow' Andersen
Sweden Tommy 'tumult' Fransson
Sweden Viktor 'XantoM' Persson