VVD  /  17 Jan 2021, 14:09

Dear friends!

Signups closed - 30 team signed up. The seeding for games has been done and the tournament schedule is ready, you are welcome to have a look here. You can now start to schedule and play your games. Please contact your opponents in #masters channel of the Thunderdome discord server.
Upon reaching an agreement with your opponent please write the message in #masters channel with @Masters admins tag.
The message format is the following:
@Masters admins team1 vs team2 @ Wednesday, 20th January @ 20:00UTC

Please don't forget to read the rules once again. Set all the necessary cvars before the game, respect your opponents and their time.
Time limit is the following: WB one game per week, LB two games per week.

Good luck to all of you and have fun!

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fourier  /  6 Jan 2021, 19:04

Signups are open for the new 2on2 tourney "Money for nothin' and gibs for free" until January 16, 20:50 UTC.

Important note:
Prizes can only be received by teams that have never lost in WO. A team that has lost with WO in WB will automatically lose with WO in LB too. Be proactive if you are interested in prizes!

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Link  /  3 Jan 2021, 13:15

New 2on2 tournament starts January 17: Ride My Rocket
Andeh  /  1 Jan 2021, 08:15

I think we can all agree that we want to leave 2020 behind and breathe the fresh air of 2021 and what better way to do that than to introduce a premier duel tournament to kick off the new year?

sdCup#1 will be a one or two day tournament, depending on signups, and will have a prize pool of $2,000.00 USD. It is a world wide tournament and everyone is allowed to sign up.

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Andeh  /  29 Dec 2020, 20:02
It's been a long ride with lots of amazing games between Nations from all over the world. It's time to close the book on 2020 and summarize a few of the things that we got to see this very odd year.

Do you remember what happened earlier this year? I feel like everything has been about Covid-19 and understandably so, but for QuakeWorld it was a blessing in disguise. Lockdowns in different countries allowed for more Quake to be played and we've had an insanely active year with tournaments left and right, so let's summarize some of the things that we got to witness!

RaggA  /  13 Dec 2020, 15:45

Seasons greetings Quakeworld fans.We are happy to announce that the Hammer Time duel league will be returning in January.
Ake Vader  /  9 Dec 2020, 20:34
An initiative was taken by Doomie to start a Discord server dedicated to learning the art of QuakeWorld 4on4. The thought is to gather low level players and have both active coaching (in-game, usually on Thursdays) and passive coaching (demo reviews etc) after pickup games in order to improve more rapidly compared to fragging in the dark on one's own.

Low level players with little to no experience in QW4on4 are welcome to join. If you can't join in on the coaching sessions, then there's always the possibility to hang around, soak up any written info or watch VOD's and join the odd pickup games on other days instead.

If you aren't in the target group yourself, perhaps you know someone who is? In that case, do yourselves a favor and get your friend a free Bachelor of QW 4on4 for Christmas by directing them to this excellent resource.

QW 4on4 bootcamp Discord server
ocoini  /  9 Nov 2020, 01:07

A super exciting draft has been concluded with highly interesting teams!

On Sunday 15. November 19:00 UTC – the main event takes place
ocoini  /  4 Nov 2020, 21:52

We are super excited to host another season of GetQuad and hope you all, regardless of skill level, want to join us in playing some 4on4 QW this winter in organized teams that lead to fair matches!
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