fourier  /  10 Sep 2020, 20:22

With the Fall starting to deliver us more dark and rainy days, the interest in QW raises significantly after the summer break. Now we are happy to announce a new fourteenth season of Thunderdome. The registration is open now until 25th of September. 26th of September is "div-whine day". The season officially starts on 27th of September 2020.
HangTime  /  30 Aug 2020, 21:28
This weekend, the GetQuad! crew that have been running a recent series of Draft and Invitational 4v4 leagues have announced a new 4v4 tournament, the GetQuad! Nations Cup!. This is, as the name implies, a tournament focussed on International match-ups between different nations.
RaggA  /  22 Aug 2020, 19:41

As an action packed summer draws to a close, we at HammerTime HQ are proud to announce two new 2on2 events for autumn 2020: Time2Hammer Season 2 and The T2H Challenge Cup.
alice  /  15 Aug 2020, 18:54

Following two weekends there are two Europe vs Australia events

Sunday 16th Aug, 13.30 CET:
Team UK/IRELAND vs Team Australia
Lordlame, Sae, HangTime, Er -vs- Yeti, Harlsom, Dracs, Swoop
4on4 - dm2, dm3, e1m2

Sunday 23rd Aug:
11:30 CET:
lordlame vs Dirtbox
1on1 - best of 5, dm4
Lordlame vs Dirtbox VOD:

12.30 CET:
LocKtar vs Reload
1on1 - best of 5, dm2

LocKtar vs Reload VOD:
Pre-game interview:

Streamed by Andeh:
alice  /  26 Jun 2020, 11:19

The new 4on4 (and 2on2) map ROCK has been optimized and finished.
A gloomy dark castle where dynamic tactics for positional control is paramount!

[Download full map package]
fourier  /  17 Jun 2020, 17:40

Today (17 of June 2020) we will have a final game of the Thunderdome season 13, the Grand Final of the Open Division: speedball vs Macisum!!!

Time: 21:00 CEST = 19:00 UTC 23:30 CEST = 21:30 UTC

EN: (hopefully)

Good luck all and have fun!

Update: the Grand Final, the Super Final.
Demos are at

The spoilers are in full version of this article.
Client software
Ake Vader  /  9 May 2020, 23:50
The last couple of days ezQuake has hit a limit with regards to data saved when building up the ping tree that is used when finding the best routes to servers using QWFWD proxies, causing the client to crash. The thing that triggered this was additional proxies being set up lately. The symptom of the problem is that ezQuake crashes and shows the error "EX_Browser_pathfind: max neighbours count reached" when building the ping tree, something that's done automatically at client start for many people as it's a feature enabled by default (at least in the popular nQuake package).

To circumvent this you can disable the find-best-route feature for now:
  • Set sb_findroutes 0 in ezquake/configs/config.cfg
  • Set sb_listcache 0 in ezquake/configs/config.cfg
  • Rename proxies_data to proxies_data.bak (located in This PC > Documents > ezQuake on Windows)

The long term solution is a fix in the client and for people to upgrade, however to keep the fragging going now the above method can be used.
dirtbox  /  9 May 2020, 05:35
The QW community is divided. There are those that are masculine and have what it takes to play the best qw maps ever made (dm2, dm4, dm6, etc) and then there are those who don't because they don't have minerals where they need them and the maps are just too hard or too unbalanced or too unfair...

What if someone made some very tiny tweaks to the masculine maps to make them less painful without ruining the flow of the game? Will the QW purists be outraged? Will the kenya noobs rejoice? It is time to find ouit.

Introducing the 2020 map remixes
Client software
meag  /  19 Apr 2020, 08:17
3.2 is finally finished. Most development effort in recent years has gone into the new renderer so there's relatively few changes here, just wanted to get this finished off so the changes could be integrated into 3.5.

For full changelog and download links, see github
fourier  /  29 Mar 2020, 19:19

We are pleased to announce the Thunderdome 13 "Baker's dozen" Duel tournament has stared now!

57 players registered, 50 from EU and 7 from USA: 6 divisions in EU and 1 in NA, Double Elimination no more than 8 players each (except Open Division - DE16), all games are Best Of 5.
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