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Christoffer Nordenlöw
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Christoffer "Shining" Nordenlöw is a Swedish CTF player.

Shining began his playing career back in 1997 as so many else on a poor 56k modem. First clan was high-ping clan HoLy, which had none success. Next up was cK followed by Yellow Devils, which then had the great player Flag se.gif Webster. After a short stint there Shining founded First around 1999. First did hang around for about 4 years and during this time for sure had it´s moments, especially on the other side of the millenium when First for a while was the second ranked CTF clan in Sweden. In 2004 Shining played a while in Da Quaking Manjakks. Last real games were though in 2005 when Shining teamed up with Flag fi.gif Creature, Flag se.gif Elguapo, Flag se.gif Priest in Hellraisers participating in NQR CTF Season 1. Hell did lose a classic semi-finals against Lege Artis which then had a legendary lineup of Flag se.gif Space, Flag se.gif Dag, Flag se.gif Gato and Flag se.gif Diamond. This was probably the last official CTF game ever played in Sweden.

Shining is playing with a fast style and is most known for being great with the hook, excellent with RL and terrible bad with the shaft. And also for his sour temper being on the losing side.:]

Shinings signature move occurs being on the run and is a quick grappling hook up in the roof while launching a couple of fast rockets back against whoever is following him.

Shining began playing CTF again in 2021 after a 16 year break, trying to get some blood back in the CTF scene.

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