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Sport  /  1 Jan 2021, 11:12
Best regards and au revoir (zzzz, Russia)
Hello, Guys.
I'am ZLoy, zzzz, fake little lolly and e.t.c

I had the disease COVID-19 in december 2020, 3.12-7.12

I need to return back to real life.
I played Quake 1 24 year, I started playing in 1997 or 1998

I remember battalies in and XS4ALL.NL, like FFA, because it is real battle, and very emotional.

Like to play width Milton, LoctaR, BuLaT, Morse and many other good players.

My family is a warriors, they be a soldier in WW2

Thay are all heroes, 4 brothears my gradpha be a hero.
Little broather Victor Timofeevich Mahrin 1919 died near Murmansk USSR and Norway in submarine M-175. German Submarine attack this boat by torpedo. He was die in 1942.

I like our community, But I need to say Good Bye.

Good Luck,

Best Regards, Warrior,
Machrin Ivan Alexandrovich 1977 , Russian,
2021-01-01, 13:01

All good for you.
2021-01-01, 20:47
Thank You/ bgnr. If you'll go to Russia, You can ask me everything about our country.
2021-01-05, 13:07
Take care man, and good luck!
2021-01-08, 05:57
Thank You, bps. U was very good, when your team played width Miltons team. Thanks for your games.
2021-01-28, 11:25
Bye bye zzzz

Good to see you survived COVID-19

I guess QW community will always be here when real life gets boring again
2021-02-02, 10:38
Thank You, Para.
I hope real life will be better than QW life, but when i need to nostalgia i return back on this site, twitch, youtube translation or other, i will remember all good time in QW.
Be healthy and not hurt
2021-03-05, 04:22
zzzz... ffa guy..
always rough when u were playing..
best wishes

vh Valde.
2021-03-07, 05:48
tsobo, thank U man. Best Regards for U.
2022-01-17, 01:26
Bless you man and take care 🙏...
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