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Tournaments  /  23 Feb 2022, 22:26
Is Nitram the real MVP of COM?
COM is loosing today
Whats the difference between today and yesterday, well, Nitram was missing.
Why does Nitram make such a difference?
Isn't Milton enough to rock the world?

If you have observed other teams and compare too COM, you hear the difference. Nitram talks alot, not only telling whats going on where and when BUT dictates what the team should do.
When to push and when to CS(SAFE).

Nitram is quite underestimated...

The table is soon done and soon Playoffs, will COM bench Nitram? Then they will be in trouble because todays prac results are not good enough to go all the way!
If so, then milton or someone else need to fill in those shoes, will in be Mr. Milton?
2022-03-23, 15:39
Someone who understands the game NEVER underestimates Nitram. He is a havoc-wreaking machine on tb3, especially dm3, superb aim and game expertise. A real old-timer who stands the test of time, however, still not back in his previous shape. He's also very vocal on voice which spurs the team for quicker reactions if required.
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