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Websites  /  1 Apr 2014, 16:23
11 years old
This site started by me buggin Paradoks over and over again so that he finally talked through it with Zalon and Shadow.
They build this from crash but then the phpbb(?) bug came and the site was whiped clean.
Somehow some1 stepped up and fixed a forum on the site instead and after a while Gazzi got his thumb out and got us version 2.0.
Zalon stepped up once more and gave us 3.0.
Im very glad for all the changes and here we are 11 years later, no April joke
2014-04-02, 07:23
I thought swi made most of this current build.
2014-04-02, 08:57
What is this I dont even...
2014-04-08, 18:57
Not only do you post the worst texts one can possibly imagine, now you've also begun posting outright lies/inaccurate information.

Please spare us ANY further crap posts - the last 7 years have been an endless facepalm and now it's enough. I didn't think I would ever recommend more inactivity in this inactive scene, but this is a unique exception.
2014-04-08, 19:21
The version prior to this was AFAIK totally written by Zalon, although it was shortlived

Me and swi started talking about creating a new site (this one) and early also involved ParadokS in the discussions. Us three designed the site in theory and swi made an initial proposal. Zalon also got involved later on...

swi did most of the handy work of writing code, designing and photoshopping. I've written parts of it, the login system for instance, Para made a lot of testing and put in suggestions, we resused Zalons database structure etc.

In the end the current site was made out of collaberation (that ended when swi vanished, but thats another story).

Anyway, Kudos to everyone who's been doing it before us.
2014-04-13, 18:03
Come back swi! <3
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