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Misc  /  18 Dec 2013, 20:51
Xterm - the story of a whiner
Wednesday night, a good night for qw mix while we are inbetween EQL18 and EQL19 and still waiting for the Duelmania final to start on Sunday and something unusual on the QW servers happen. XTERM whines, its not a normal whine but its a heavy 2 hour whine. Lets get to the bottom of this!
I asked some players if Xterm always is like this and got an intresting feedback:

21:33 < Milton > sassa: of course he is
21:33 < Milton > he is xterm

21:36 < ]SR[ParadokS > yes.
21:36 < ]SR[ParadokS > =)

21:38 < Hooraytio > he has been like that since his first mix sassa

Some may say that whining comes from bad temper but I think Xterms whine is deeper than that, perhaps a bad memory from a stepfather?

I haveto get to the bottom of this and investigate why Xterm is such a whiner. If you have more info or past whining memories with Xwhine, please comment.
2013-12-18, 21:44
2013-12-18, 23:01
He is actually a really nice guy outside those mixes. I can't remember him whining a single time when we played together in Fragomatic. And of course he's a great player too .
2013-12-18, 23:03
sassa, stop this whining right now!
2013-12-18, 23:36
This blog entry isnt much better than panics rants, no matter how much xterm whines
2013-12-19, 08:19
I was using fodquake yesterday where I didn't have boomstick script enabled and didn't want to set it up on the fly because it would need rebinding my binds from
bind x impulse y to bind x weapon y and then some cvars I have forgotten.
This somehow caused xterm to become obsessed with this and yelling at me beside the fact that I only dropped half of the rls xterm dropped

But that's ok with me, xterm is a good player and his attitude has some advantages too (like being very fast with forcestart when iddlers hang around).
2013-12-19, 12:32
He is a constant whiner but I really like speccing him, great movement. Apart from whining, he is a liability.
2013-12-20, 13:40
Haha, typical pascal

In clan games he was always the guy on voice who complained on me because I was whining too much Every other game you would hear "Stop whajjniing!!"

I guess he's just stuck in a habit of whining in mix games. He's always super professional in clans and on voicecom, it's really only in lol games like 2on2, mixes etc that he whines.
2013-12-20, 21:46
Xterm might be a whiner - at least in mixes - but this kind of public bashing is just as silly as the whining. I mean say it to his face, argue with him, but don't post this kind of childish bullshit in the interwebs. In spite of the whining he's a great player anyway.

PS. Some times I hate the guy, but no one should be publicly bashed like this.
2013-12-24, 17:04
its a swedish thing!
we wouldnt understand :x
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