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Tournaments  /  30 Dec 2013, 18:40
I have heard so much about this league but where is it?
I found some info about it on qw wiki and the homepage but nothing about salvation #4
Does anyone have a clue? Would be nice to run it along EQL18

PS. What happened to the rookie league running by AKe_Vader? Is it still running? DS.
2014-01-03, 07:30
It would not be nice to run along EQL18 since it takes away Sundays from the normal clan play. It is nice to have salvation when there is no other 4on4 season running.
2014-01-06, 14:28
there should be more rookie leagues and one day tournaments!
2014-01-06, 17:31
implying there are rookies playing this game
2014-01-09, 21:04
coolt att folk lirar detta spel fortf btw ;3
2014-01-10, 10:06
Megash: Please, english only.
2014-01-16, 17:19
Late reply but I've been on vacation in South Africa for a month so Refragged has been on ice for a while. Will see if i can start things up again in a couple of weeks or so.

Also think a Salvation league would bring too much noise/competition if EQL is run at the same time (which is really nice to have back with all the clans etc as such rivalry is imo much more interesting than what is basically a mix league).

2014-02-22, 17:57
Yes to rookie comps! And Salvation ofc.
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