User panel stuff on forum
Forum rules
Make sure you follow these rules when posting in the forum
1) Don't be abusive or provocative towards other users. If you have a problem with a particular user, make sure you keep it off this forum.

2) This is an international forum. Only language allowed is English.

3) Many people read the forums from their workplace. Mark any content which might get a person into trouble at work (e.g. nudity, violence) as not work safe. Images that contain nws content should be posted with [url] tags instead of [img] tags.

4) The discussion or distribution of illegally-obtained software (i.e. warez/appz/crackz) is not allowed on this forum.

5) Before you post ask yourself "Am I contributing something worthwhile to this thread?". If the answer is no, do not post.

6) To prevent possible cheating in Quakeworld, any members distributing cheats, cracks, or hacks which disrupt modern multiplayer games will be warned or banned from the forum.

7) Advertising is prohibited on commercial purposes. There are places on the internet where you can advertise/promote your commercial site by paying a fee. isn't such place for free. Consider this as your first and the last warning.

Abusive behaviour might result in a ban.

When moderating the forum, the moderators have a common guideline to follow. The main rule is that a user gets one written warning before he is subject to a ban - which might last forever depending on the situation. At the first occasion when a user is issued a warning, it should clearly be stated why the warning was issued. Next time the user is subject to a warning, he will receive a ban instead. If the ban is limited in time, then it should clearly say when the ban is lifted.