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[e][h]QW 2018 Teamleague
League Information
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Fame & Glory
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dm2 • dm3 • e1m2 • cmt4 • schloss

Following the unprecedented success of their recent 2on2 tournament, the team behind Get2Gether are proud to present the QW 2018 Teamleague. Welcoming players of all skill levels from across the community this multi divisional, clan based tournament strives to rekindle the glory days of the most mythic of game modes - Quakeworld 4on4!

New alliances will be forged, old rivalries revisited. The battle shall be fierce but which clans shall rise to the top and proclaim themselves the kings and queens of Quakeworld TDM?


The tournament will consist of two round robin stages contested by 16 teams.

Group Phase (BO3)

  • Teams will be split between 2 divisions of 8 teams each based on skill level.
  • Each division is further split into 2 groups.
  • Each team in a group will play each other once in a best-of-three (BO3) match.
  • Points will be awarded based on match results, final group standing will be used to determine teams placing in the second stage (see Scores and ranking).

Cup Phase (BO5)

Following the Group Stage, the groups will be reshuffled based on their results to see which title they will be fighting for.

  • Top 4 teams from Div1 will contest the Platinum cup.
  • Bottom 4 teams from Div1 will contest the Gold cup.
  • Top 4 teams from Div2 will contest the Silver cup.
  • Bottom 4 teams from Div2 will contest the Bronze cup.

In each cup group each team will again play each other once, this time in a BO5 match. At the end of the season the team with the most points wins their respective group.


The following 16 teams signed up, with a total of 98 players.

The Terminator Predators
Finland Milton 1
Finland HENU 2
Canada Squeeze 3
Sweden XantoM 4
Sweden creature 5
Zero Heroes
Hungary zero 1
Sweden Mazer 2
Norway nigve 3
Denmark niw 4
Sweden grisling 5
Sweden bps 1
Sweden carapace 2
Sweden ganon 3
Sweden rst 4
Sweden rio 5
Sweden locust 6
Firing Squad
Netherlands reppie 1
Sweden mawe 2
Sweden razor 3
Germany Keyser 4
Germany Whiplash 5
Netherlands Spoink 6
Spain dev 1
Sweden greco 2
Sweden raket 3
Canada BLooD_DoG 4
Sweden shaka 5
Sweden aikon 6
Mariachi Band
Portugal Norules 1
Poland er 2
Portugal nitemare 3
Netherlands Wim 4
Portugal orc 5
Germany dopeskillz 6
Poland Predator 7
Finland kip 1
Finland Rusti 2
Finland Nice 3
Finland Anza 4
Finland Focu 5
Finland Tenhi 6
Sweden xazqe 7
D99 Pulsar
Ukraine Timon 1
Norway Baresi 2
Ukraine glm 3
Ukraine Nidweyr 4
Scotland meag 5
Portugal bgnr 1
Denmark Thor 2
Russia NL 3
France TeT 4
Serbia Ljubomb 5
Sweden T 6
Russia Lame*Mammoth 7
Sweden nas 1
Great Britain gore 2
Sweden tummen 3
Portugal diehuman 4
Portugal Hammer 5
Portugal Mushi 6
Sweden lurq 1
Sweden z0mbie90 2
Sweden Timotej 3
Great Britain Yamazaki 4
Great Britain Turbo 5
Great Britain Praxismo 6
Netherlands Saz 7
Great Britain Ragga 8
Norway Macisum 1
Sweden Flintheart 2
Poland Samon 3
Finland paniagua 4
France Klice 5
Norway erlend 6
Germany Leopold 7
Germany qirex 8
Great Britain Zigg1Zagg1 1
Germany Flash 2
Norway Robin 3
Netherlands Quaker 4
Germany rghst 5
Poland glinski 6
Sweden TeaBiscuitz 1
Great Britain Dog_Sacrifice 2
Great Britain Mints 3
TBD Makkash 4
Great Britain Pixels 5
Finland Kaaos 6
United States Ebisu 7
Finland feari 1
Finland Panjabi 2
Finland Teho 3
Finland Himmu 4
Sweden Eikooren 5
Sweden hlw 6


Base maps
dm2 dm3 e1m2
Dm2 Dm3 e1m2