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Player introduction

  • Real name: Stefan Kari Tapani Heino
  • Born: 1983
  • Nationality: Flag fi.gif Flag se.gif Finnish/Swedish
  • Started playing: Summer 1998 (offline) / February 1999 (online)
  • Current clan: Bad Luck Troopers (in/out since 1999, see history)
  • Alternate nicknames (from clan/qw-friends and LAN's): Taikapine-Tapsa, Heino, Sakke, Ksask, Saske, Sasuke (Naruto), xazeqwjfhkjhasaf...
  • Cousin: Torch

Clan history


Host of the BLT POWAH servers (http://bltpowah.mine.nu/)

NQR8 Division 3 Champion(s) (Bad Luck Troopers)

Arranging QHLAN #9 2-6 January 2006 (responsible for the QHLAN servers that were run with the BLT POWAH KTX server pack)

Arranging QHLAN 2017 (responsible for the Tastyspleen.tv Twitch broadcast audio and producing the QHLAN 2017 Original Soundtrack "Dark Zones & Bad Places")

Lots of IRL success since 2004 ;-) (SAE Institute, School of Audio Engineering) (stop idling!)

Occupation (the life "after" qw)

Working as Audio Engineer and Producer at Upright Sounds.

Still playing QW sometimes (couple of times a month) for fun with the BLT-gang and QHLAN/Tältlan Crew.


My Rocket Will Soon Be In Your Pocket!!! (© xazqe 1999)


!#&%¤?@$ Jag spelar ju som en xazqe! :< (© haj? 2001)

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