Clan Hell Legion

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"The Legends are not made over night."

"Souls? Friend or foe? Makes no difference - at the end we shall have them all."


The legendary cHL was one of the top HPW clans in Finland and the QWDM section alone had over 60 members in its 5 year journey. Many veterans carried proudly the banners of cHL under the command of a charismatic leadership of Samgorod. Clan Hell Legion was a long project with its ups and downs, but no matter what happened, we still had a certain individuals loyal to the clan and ready to form a skeleton crew to face the new endevours . General Samgorod had his brilliant captains like: Anaram, Efect, Greyvile, Maniac, Mic, Reflex and most importantly Wrangler that was with us from the first match. While Samgorod lead the clan and planned the tactics with his co-leaders, Efect’s speciality was recruiting: He alone recruited many of the top players of cHL for example the foreign stars like Astaroth and Effie. It was a good one - my brothers in arms.


  • Founded: October , 1997 by Samgorod, Efect and Mic
  • Disbanded: 2002
  • Nationality: Flag fi.gif Finnish
  • Clan prefix: [cHL]
  • Clan colors:   4     4  
  • IRC channel: #cHL (Quakenet)


Former Members