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QuakeNet is an IRC network, built around the gaming community, and is an organisation that facilitates the communication of many teams and online organisations. Though originally founded as a chat network for gamers, by gamers, QuakeNet welcomes everyone to chat about anything (within its rules). QuakeNet is also currently the largest chat network in the world, with a peak usercount each week of around 180,000 to 190,000 users.

IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat", and is a means for people to talk together in a text-based, real-time environment on the internet.

How to join a QuakeNet server

The easy way

  1. open http://webchat.quakenet.org
  2. type your nickname and channels you want to join (see channels below)
  3. chat!

The tradicional way

  1. Open your IRC client (you must get one, like mIrc)
  2. Click on the status window
  3. Type /server <server> (or chose QuakeNet from the server list menu)
  4. And then join the channels you want by typing /join #qwrookie on the status window
  5. chat!

QuakeNet servers

For information purposes only. All irc clients have QuakeNet irc configured.

  • Flag dk.gif jubiigames.dk.quakenet.org
  • Flag dk.gif tiscali.dk.quakenet.org
  • Flag fi.gif mediatraffic.fi.quakenet.org
  • Flag fi.gif pelikaista.fi.quakenet.org
  • Flag fr.gif euroserv.fr.quakenet.org
  • Flag de.gif splatterworld.de.quakenet.org
  • Flag de.gif sw.de.quakenet.org
  • Flag it.gif ngi.it.quakenet.org
  • Flag no.gif underworld.no.quakenet.org
  • Flag se.gif ludd.se.quakenet.org
  • Flag se.gif port80.se.quakenet.org
  • Flag gb.gif b0rk.uk.quakenet.org
  • Flag gb.gif blueyonder.uk.quakenet.org
  • Flag gb.gif demon.uk.quakenet.org
  • Flag gb.gif freddyshouse.uk.quakenet.org
  • Flag gb.gif multiplay.uk.quakenet.org
  • Flag gb.gif clanservers.nj.us.quakenet.org
  • Flag gb.gif netfire.tx.us.quakenet.org
  • Flag gb.gif netfire.va.us.quakenet.org

Popular channels

Community channels

North and South America community

  • #qwcentral
  • #telefrag.me
  • #na.qw.pickup
  • #qwbrasil

European community

  • #qw.pl
  • #quake.dk
  • #qw.ger
  • #qw.cz
  • #qw.no
  • #qw.ru
  • #quake.se

Clan channels

  • #slackers
  • #fragomatic
  • #tvs
  • #cmf
  • #suddendeath
  • #oclan