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A good all-round German player. Performing well in both 1on1 and 4on4, Spoink is known for being the best German Quakeworld player currently active. After being the starplayer in both Flag de.gif Porn and Flag eu.gif Hyphen Spoink joined Flag nl.gif Firing Squad when that clan was in dire need of a good offensive player like him. His fast and offensive style of play makes him a spectators favorite and has earned him quite a lot of fans both inside and outside Germany. With Flag nl.gif Reppie having left Firing Squad to join Flag se.gif Star Alliance and Firing Squad going inactive in 2008, Spoink decided to join Flag de.gif Dies Ater for EQL Season 7. They didn't finish the season, he did play in the next two EQL leagues with Dies Ater. After in EQL Season 9 Reppie and Razor reached the final with Druidz they decided to give Firing Squad another go and signed up for EQL Season 10 with the whole Druidz team, Mawe, Lakso and Goblin, except for Bps added by old Firing Squad members Spoink, Keyser, 1-2-3 and Mae. They played one game with Reppie, Razor, Spoink, Keyser and then fell back into inactivity, not finishing the season. This was the last official game that Spoink played. When Firing Squad revived again for EQL Season 14 he decided not to be a part of the team and remains retired.


  • Real name: Dennis
  • Date of birth: 1985
  • Nationality: Flag de.gif German

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  • "lange cmd = kurzer penis" ("long cmd = short penis")

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