Dies Ater

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Dies Ater
General information
Founded February 26th, 2006
Founder(s) Cyrax, Flow, Soma
Nationality Flag de.gif German
Colors:  12    1  
Current status active
Division  2
IRC channel #dies-ater (QuakeNet)
Flag nl.gif Blixem
Flag de.gif Cyrax
Flag se.gif Elguapo
Flag nl.gif Hedfuk
Flag lu.gif Soma
Inactive Members
2006-02-27 – 2007
2006-02-26 – 2007
2006-02-27 – 2009
2007-03-17 – 2008
2006-11-17 – 2007
Flag de.gif eb
Flag de.gif Flow
Flag de.gif Rotten
Flag de.gif Venture
Flag de.gif Zerox
Former Members
2008-01-26 – 2010
2008-02-16 – 2010
2007-09-18 – 2010
2008-05-08 – 2009
2006-03-23 – 2008
Flag fi.gif Creature
Flag fi.gif Niomic
Flag se.gif Persuader
Flag de.gif spoink
Flag de.gif uiG
Year(s) Tournament Type Place
QuakeWorld only LAN
QuakeWorld only LAN
NQR Season 11
EQL Season 8
EQL Season 9
5th (tie)
3rd (tie)
5th (tie)
1 = Achieved by Flag de.gif Flow and Flag lu.gif Soma
2 = Gold Cup
3 = Division 2
4 = Division 1
CHTV demos


After NQR8, clan Smack that Ass had reached a low in terms of activity, so Soma and Cyrax decided to part ways with Smack that Ass in order to team up with Flow from Easy To Kill to start a new clan. Since more players were needed to form a clan, Rotten was recruited from inactive Klatch! and Dopeskillz from Polish clan Death Dealers.

Soon later, UiG joined the clan subsequently to parting ways with Death Dealers, completing Dies Ater's roster for a participation in NQR Season 9, the clan's first official appearance. In November 2006, Flow and Soma had attended QuakeWorld only LAN and had teamed up with Zerox and Vio in order to be able to participate in the 4on4 tournament. While Vio showed little interest in continuing to play 4on4 after the lan, Zerox decided to stay with the clan permanently.

Meanwhile legendary German QuakeWorld player Venture had found interest in playing QuakeWorld actively again. He started off playing with Easy To Kill but joined Dies Ater in March 2007 as Easy To Kill had disbanded not long after he had teamed up with them.

When in 2007 clan Core disbanded due to inactivity, Persuader had asked Dies Ater if he could join the clan in order in order to be able to play EQL Season 6 with them. It seemed like a temporary solution as Core were hoping to get back together at some point, but when Core lacked members in order to sign up for NQR Season 11, Persuader decided to stay with Dies Ater, who furthermore recruited Creature, with whom Persuader had played already with in Core.

Since Zerox, Venture and Flow were busy with university and Dopeskillz had moved to spain, Dies Ater made another recruitment in February 2008 when recruiting Niomic who had previously played for successful clan Ballistic.

Dies Ater participated in Gold Cup of NQR Season 11 and managed to reach the playoffs, surpassing Malice and NoPasaran in the table and reaching the final playoff spot. In the first round of the playoffs, Dies Ater met with the Viper Squad, later finalists of Gold Cup, which ended their NQR season. Dies Ater is signed up for EQL Season 7 and recruited German star player Spoink to replace inactive Niomic and uiG, the latter having left to team up with Smack that Ass in EQL Season 7.

Tournament Participation


  • Name origin: Dies Ater is a roman proverb which literally translates to "black day". It was used by romans to describe times of war and civil unrest.
  • In every 4on4 league the clan participates in, every member is assigned an additional nickname. This additional nickname will be based on a 'theme'. In EQL Season 6, the names assigned to the players were first names popular in Eastern Germany. In NQR Season 11, all players were given Indian first names as their secondary nick, in EQL Season 7 it was Russian first names.

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