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One of the clans that has been playing 4on4 on a top European level for years.


Founded back in 1995, and still active today, Firing Squad has really known two fases of activity. During the first, spanning from 1995 to about 1999-2000, [fs] was mainly active on Dutch servers and lanparty's. With members such as Flag nl.gif smo0k, Flag nl.gif krazy, Flag nl.gif Lithium, Flag nl.gif cr3am, Flag nl.gif dillic, and Flag nl.gif eriq they belonged to the top in Holland in those days. This team became inactive around 1999, mainly due to the switch to Quake3 by a lot of the players.

Then after some inactivity Firing Squad reappeared in 2000's Villains with players such as Blixem, Amen, Eriq and Janus. Shortly after, in the Smackdown times, most active members were Flag nl.gif Blixem, Flag nl.gif Gemini, Flag nl.gif ploppie and Flag nl.gif crit, in the third season Flag nl.gif Reppie joined and the fourth Flag se.gif Razor. The last two would play for Firing Squad for a very long time. Over the years this team has seen a lot of changes, most notably a change from being an all-Dutch clan to a all-European clan, but has always managed to compete with the top 4-5 clans in Europe. The lack of leagues and cups Firing Squad has won can be blamed on Flag skan.gif Slackers. With only one exception (the NQR Invitational Classic Cup), Slackers have always managed to knock Firing Squad out in the playoffs.

As mentioned before Reppie and Razor were two players that stayed with the team from 2002 untill 2008 and revived the team in 2011. Other long time members were Blixem who was active between 2000 and 2004 (Villains 2-NQR7) also in the comeback and Spoink who played from 2004-2008 (NQR6-EQL6). Among players that only stayed for a season or two were Blitz, Shiva, Striker, Riker, Miser, Elec, Drejfus and Sphere.

After Blixem went inactive in 2004 untill disbanding in 2008 the core members Flag se.gif Razor and Flag nl.gif Reppie were joined by a less active Flag de.gif Spoink. He stayed with the team but often had internet problems and he moved during playoffs of competitions so he wasn't as often around as he used to be. During those years Flag de.gif 1-2-3 played a lot for team. Other players in the team were Flag wales.gif Keyser and the old player from Smackdown times, Flag nl.gif Gemini, made a comeback. After Reppie and Razor finished second in EQL Season 9 with Flag se.gif Druidz and they parted from the multi-gaming team they decided to take the team back to the old Firing Squad name. They brought almost the whole team, only missing Bps, that came in second, Mawe, Lakso and Goblin. Then the old members Spoink, who was a quarterfinalist in the last season with Flag de.gif Dies Ater, Keyser, 1-2-3 and Mae were also signed up for EQL Season 10. They only managed to play one game, with Reppie, Razor, Keyser and Spoink, without any debuts of new players for Firing Squad. The season after the team split again, Mawe joined his old Druidz teammate Bps in Suddendeath, Razor and Goblin played in Enigma, Lakso joined Oblivion, Spoink had played his last official in EQL Season 10, Reppie and Keyser went inactive and 1-2-3 and Mae didn't play and wouldn't play anymore.

In EQL Season 12 and EQL Season 13 (a little less in EQL Pro) the entire old Druidz team (Reppie, Razor, Bps, Mawe, Goblin, Lakso most notably joined by Molle in all seasons and Grisling and new player Rkd in the last) reunited in Suddendeath. Reppie and Razor decided, after losing the EQL Season 13 final, that they'd like to form Firing Squad again, especially since Suddendeath had eight active players they felt like they could leave them on good terms.

In 2011 the team made a comeback with Flag nl.gif Reppie, Flag se.gif Razor, Flag nl.gif Blixem and Flag wales.gif Keyser. The first three formed the starting lineup in all tournaments between Smackdown 4 and NQR 7, from 2002 to 2004 when Blixem quit. In these times which is often seen as the second part of the heyday of the European Quake scene because of the high activity and skill levels, these three players played together in eleven playoffs of big tournaments. They won Clanbase Spring 2003, beating Flag fi.gif Clan MalFunction in the final. They lost to cMF in two playoffs, another two times Flag se.gif HellFire beat them and six times to the in those days the legendary Flag skan.gif Slackers team with Flag dk.gif ParadokS, Flag fi.gif Gamer, Goljat and Hib, who entered ten and won six out of these eleven tournaments. In 2011 they tried to regain a part of this old glory.

Unfortunately the team didn't manage to survive the summer despite several tries to add new members and thus for EQL Season 14 Reppie and Razor went back to their team of the season before, Suddendeath.



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