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NQR CMT1 Final FS-SR cmt2.gif
Paradoks spawned Quad and Gamer got Ring (Paradoks: there is also SSG at Quad, grab it :p ), and at one moment Paradoks looked right into Gamer's Ring-eyes, but since it was not Goljat, Gamer survived :)))) The start was pretty even, but FS fragged a little more than SR. FS got YA/Quad control early on and racked up a little frag advantage for themselves because of it, Razor ran some Quads. But SR faught back and manged to grab RL's and especially LG's and RA's. After 6-7 minutes of tight fighting it was SR's turn to control YA/Quad area, and they now had a 20 frag lead. SR got a really strong hold on YA/Quad now and FS could not get frags at all, SR was in total control at YA/Quad for some minutes and halfway through the game SR had a 50 frag lead. Goljat got the 3rd ring and what a great team message he got: TEAM RING - DONT KILL RING! lol Goljat :) By now the SR players started to get a little more map control, having YA/Quad secured with boosted SR's sweaping RL and RA. Not much FS could do about this, they got some RL's and LG's from time to time but could not strike back at the strong and boosted SR players. Within the next 5 minutes SR gained more and more frags and had a 100 frag lead with 5 minutes remaining of the game, not letting go of their good control. SR really played well all over the map now. Paradoks got last Ring so Goljat's team ring messages was not needed :) The last 4-5 minutes SR kept on holding YA/Quad area under heavy control. FS did some heroic attempts at Quad but SR had the margins on their side this night, and they took cmt2 home with a 150 frag margin. Nothing but impressive from Slackers. GG both teams.


NQR CMT1 Final FS-SR cmt1.gif
Even start, SR (Paradoks) got the penta, but penta never got the 2nd RL. I think FS (Blixem?) got the first RL and they used it well. In the first 5 minuts no team seemed to gain control over certain areas and camp it. Blixem nearly ran all the Quads in the early stages, he had full Quad control the first 5 minutes but that did not help FS getting any good control over the map, SR players with good weapons was not taken out. Mistake by FS or just smart play by SR? Well, Blixem the Quad runner moved to penta area when 2nd penta came up, but was killed in the end when SR won the big fight for penta #2. Yet again the SR penta did not have nor got any RL. But in the following minutes it was Paradoks turn to run Quads, and Parashaft-Quads on this map does damage. But still no major control for any of the teams, both teams were fighting for control. But SR Quads had now managed to gain SR a 30 frag advantage, and as 3rd penta was coming up, the player who _never_ forgets it, Goljat, got it. As usual no penta RL but now Paradoks had the red jacket on with RL/LG and continued his Quad runs like no one else does on this map. A hint: wanna learn how to Quad run and keep control over this map? Watch Paradoks Quadruns and learn, plenty of demos to DL on this site. It should also be mentioned that Paradoks did get armors and mega's wherever he went, he just could not die. All this of course lead to that the SR cmt1-machinery got a tighter and tighter grip on the events, and FS was now in big trouble. As the 3rd penta was coming up, SR had gained 70 frags in 4 minutes and had a 100 frag lead. FS did a desperate attempt to get the last penta with throwing GL's from RL-window, kind of funny to watch as the endless pines was followed by FS players storming in to the penta room from that window :) But SR had 2-3 RL's there and fragged away until penta got there, and Paradoks grabbed it, went to Quad and got that as well. So pretty much game over at this point, even if Razor took over RA by taking out Paradoks as the Quad faded out, nice move by Razor there but he was quickly driven away by boosted SR players, and from now on and until the end SR controlled it, not a complete lockdown though, FS still showed some resistance but could not do more than just put a little sand now and then in the well oiled SR cmt1-machinery. Halfway through the game SR was up by 30, so last 10 minutes SR made 130 frags more than FS. Impressive stuff. GG both teams.

FDE team: check out Paradoks' tripple air hit on Reppie midgame =)


NQR CMT1 Final FS-SR cmt4.gif
Slackers got first penta and thereby they got quickly control over YA area, FS players controlled RA area after the first penta was out though so no big damage done. But as the minutes flew by SR racked up many more frags than FS, the Quad made a big difference here and SR got the most of them. So a typical image of the game in the first 10 minutes would be SR control at YA and a SR-Quadrunner who did damage at RA. It did not help FS much that SR got 2nd and 3rd penta during this time as well. In short: 1st half of the game was pretty much SR ownage and the lead was as much as 70-80 (maybe more) frags at one time. With 6-7 minutes remaing SR got a big lead and the CMT championship was in other words secured because of this, but FS now faught back and managed to even out the fragging, and now had good control over RA as they pressured YA area more and more. Then Razor got the last penta and now FS got total YA contol and started to frag all over the map. FS came as close as 30-40 frags or so but in the last 2 minutes SR stopped the FS-ownage and in the end they got a 53 frag margin to their favor. Slackers really played well in the first 13 minutes of this game and did not leave FS a chance; securing YA, got the Quads and made damage at RA. That worked very well for 13 minutes. So when FS stroke back it was too late, the fragbalance was too large for FS to catch up. GG both teams and congrats to SR for taking it home 3-0 in the final.


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