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Sweden Suddendeath
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It all started back in 1997 when three real life friends - trash, st33lmountain and mrBly - formed "Republic Warriors Clan". The name for the clan came from the geography of the founders, as they all lived in Jämtland Sweden which is its own republic. They gathered some warriors and grew larger with both a low and high ping section. It was the good old times when players had 150+ ping, playing with dial-up modems and ISDN connections.

After maybe a year or so they had major changes in the lineup so a change of name seemed appropriate. The new name was "6pack", all due to st33lmountain and his habits and love for beer. The clan did not really grow alot, but there was a core of players that played together most of the time. There was not many tourneys back then so it was more just practises or recreational games vs their swedish arch enemy Hellfire Clan. After a summerbreak when mrBly quit the game and various players left or joined they again decided it was time for a fresh start. They had a hard time finding a good name for the clan, but the name "Seek & Destroy" was eventually agreed upon. Trash could not really feel that this name was the name he wanted for the clan, so one day at work when he thought about the initials - S&D - he came up with the name "Suddendeath" instead, and just like that, the mighty clan Suddendeath was born.

From that day until today, Suddendeath has been an active clan apart from a short break sometime in the early year of 2000. They are one of the oldest clans still active and are today perhaps the biggest clan out there.


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Former members


razor, reppie, goblin, phrenic, grisling, molle, lethalwiz, locktar, arnette, vladde, ok98, riker, phrenic, Cage, nightman, dakoth, retic, mille, sassa, nussi, lex, striker, Xcon, Chitmo, legance, krab, past, FlePser, ultra, splash, tumult, glimt, aikon, sweeper, oosi, daizuki, horatio, mrbly, st33l, droopy, gande, phantom, shock, purjo, happy, rush, kami, Bagheera, gibber, sephy, XantoM, locust, votary, overdose, ganon, xero


Year Place Event
2017 A44th QHLAN2017
2014 A22nd EQL Season 19 Div1
2013 A11st EQL Season 18 Div1
2013 A22nd EQL Season 17 Div1
2013 A11st EQL Season 16 Div1
2012 A44th EQL Season 15 Div1
2011 A33rd EQL Season 14 Div1
2011 A22nd EQL Season 13 Div1
2011 A22nd EQL Pro
2010 A33rd QHLAN 14
2010 A44th EQL Season 12 Div1
2010 A66th EQL Season 11 Div1
2009 A77th EQL Season 10 Div1
2009 B111th EQL Season 9 Div1
2009 A22nd QHLAN 12
2008 A55th EQL Season 8 Div1
2008 A66th EQL Season 7 Div1
2008 A44th NQR11 Gold Cup
2008 A33rd QHLAN 11
2007 A66th EQL Season 6 Div1
2007 A55th EQL Season 5 Div1
2007 A55th NQR10 Gold Cup
2007 A22nd QHLAN 10
2006 A44th EQL Season 4 Div1
2006 A77th EQL Season 3 Div1
2006 A77th EQL Season 2 Div1
2005 A44th EQL Season 1 Div1
2005 A55th Smackdown Season 6
2005 A11st NQR8 Div2
2005 A11st NQR CML Season 3
2004 A33rd NQR7 Div2
2001 B515th NQR1

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Suddendeath 2

A second division of Suddendeath was started by Trash in 2006 together with some old players from Suddendeath and some new blood the clan is now a strong div 2 clan.

Active members

Former members

sarko, Locust, Xantom, Dive, Splash, Grisling, Votary, Phrenic, Bagheera, Nepra, Xero, dahmer, Goblin, LethalWiz, rio