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Known as "cowboy" in QuakeWorld.


  • Real name: Stellan Öström
  • Date of birth: 1980-05-25
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan: Flag se.gif Vagabond

Clan history


Year Place Event Mode With Prize
2008 A22nd DreamHack Summer 2008 1on1 Sweden TBD
2006 A11st EQL Season 2 4on4 Sweden Lege Artis
2005 A22nd QHLAN 8 1on1
2005 A11st QHLAN 8 4on4 Sweden Lege Artis
2005 A11st QHLAN 8 2on2 Sweden Lege Artis
2004 A22nd NQR Season 6 4on4 Sweden Lege Artis
2003 A11st QHLAN 5 4on4 Sweden Lege Artis
2003 A33rd QHLAN 5 2on2 Sweden Lege Artis
2003 A22nd NQR Season 5 4on4 Sweden Disorder
2003 A11st NQR Season 3 4on4 Sweden Lege Artis
2002 A33rd SmackDown NEU Season 4 4on4 Sweden Lithium
2001 A22nd SmackDown NEU Season 3 4on4 Sweden Lithium

Riker VS. Chuck Norris

  • Chuck Norris once manage to frag Riker. As a result Chuck got spawn fragged 13 times.
  • Chuck Norris and Riker are the only two players that have tried to kill a pented enemy. Only one has succeeded.
  • Chuck Norris once tried to move as good as Riker, but he got a Broken Ankle.