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From Euthanasia's old web page:

It all started out one chilly april evening when I, Ettan, was talking to some quakebuddies. These friends were Ferran and Ralle. We were talking about starting a clan. I really don't know why, because I already had a clan – «The Presidents» - but I liked the idea about starting a new and fresh clan. Ferran and Ralle had already started a clan called «The Black Sheep», but they were willing to change the name. They choosed that weird name because they were both kicked out of their former clans - Fedayakin and Hellraisers. I said to them that we must have more members in order to start a clan. We stopped chatting and decided to look for more members. I had read at the forum that Zaajko needed a clan. I contacted him and told him that I was starting a new clan with a couple of quakebuddies. I recieved a message from him later that day and he said that he had already joined a clan, but he was interested in joining anyway. That was good, but we were a few members short, so I went out scouring the IRC. I started chatting with a fine quaker called Belgarion. He had just left his old clan «The Hellbringers» and he liked the idea of joining the crew. He gave me a tip of another good quaker called Jaeger who he said was great in quake. I said to him that he could contact him about joining us. He said he would do that. The next day everyone gathered for a clan meeting on the IRC; I, Ralle, Ferran, Belgarion, Jaeger, JK (who was also in Belgarions former clan) and Zaajko. We all discussed about the name. Nobody had an idea until I came up with the name Euthanasia. I got the idea from a story in my old english tutoring book. Noone knew what it meant but I explained it to them and after a while they were pleased. This was the new beginning of a new era in Quakeing.

// Ettan, godfather of Euthanasia

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