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player introduction

  • Real name: Johan
  • Born: Varberg
  • Nationality: Flag se.gif Swedish
  • Current clan: Quit

Clan history


1999 - Winner: Villains Season 1 with Euthanasia

  • Winning 1on1 tournament 'Nightgib' in Varberg, (winning the final over MoosemaN_of_SC over 2 maps, dm4 and dm6)
  • Did an incredible thing beating LakermaN, Sniket and Timber in less then 1 hour (lakerman and sniket at dm6, and timber at dm4)
  • Played with Clan 9 against Z under fakename (zander97) and was suprisingly best by far in all 3 games (but never joined 9)
  • Was a part of the DD (Disney Devils) project along with legends such as, Mastah^^Killah, Sectopod, Mr Kill, Fnys, Sniket, Equinox, Trash, Znappe
  • The trademark was very low sensitivity and a cool laidback playstyle, always with a "free role" when playing with Euthanasia


"Hiding in a final? I know where you aaaare" To MoosemaN_of_SC when playing DM6 in the second part of nightgib final (moose won with +4 on dm4, and started to hide immideatly on map dm6 but without success, (Gemma won with +10 frags in the end, and people lauged at Moose desperate attempts to win the tournament by hiding)

"I never ended up behind aKKe, maybe that's why he dont like me?"

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