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A short lasting team of QuakeWorld allstars that were very successful in the first half of 2007. The clan was founded by Razor because his clan Firing Squad was temporarily taking a break from 4on4.


The team was founded in February 2007 when Razor decided that he wanted to play in NQR Season 10 even though his clan Firing Squad was not going to participate. So he teamed up with some players that were in a similar situation, forming the clan Dota Allstar Guys. The name can be seen as an homage to legendary Swedish player Dag.

Subsequently to winning NQR Season 10, the most spectated and broadcast QuakeWorld game in the entire game's history, Dota Allstar Guys also managed to win EQL Season 5, thus taking home the 2 most important 4on4 titles at this time.

However, despite the clan's appreciable success, the clan disbanded again after EQL Season 5. As Dota Allstar Guys was considered by most members to only be a temporary project to overcome their individual clans' inactivity, Razor left the clan to get back together with Firing Squad, The Chosen One left to play with his old clan Loser Squadron, and both The interceptor and Riker signed up for EQL Season 6 with Fragomatic.



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