Loser Squadron

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«Basic» Loser Squadron skin created in 1998

Old school QuakeWorld clan from Norway.

Started in 1998 as a clan that only recruited players from Solør in Norway. However, this later changed due to a lack of members and a necessary expansion. Throughout their existance, Loser Squadron have participated in the North-European Clan League, European Clan League, Norwegian Quake League and the European Quake League.

Today, Loser Squadron remains predominantly Norwegian but has recruited non-Norwegians from time to time.

The players in Loser Squadron are somewhat «famous» for having complicated nicknames. Every player is assigned a digit. This digit becomes part of their nickname in games, such as L1Qw--.pngTheChosenOne, L2Qw-(.pngQw--.pngQw-).pngCaStLeQw-(.pngQw--.pngQw-).png, or L13-Qw-(.pngGabrielQw-).png. Players also used to have completely different skins within the clan. Below is an example of the basic skin.


Inactive members

Former members



Loser Squadron losing to The Vicious Vikings in the North-European Clan League, January 1998
Loser Squadron losing another map to The Vicious Vikings in the same NECL game, January 1998

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