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The North-European Clan League (NECL) was started in October 1998, and replaced the Norwegian Clan League, which had just finished its first season. The other Nordic clans wanted in on the action, and the Norwegian national league was abandoned in favour of a European one. NECL was mostly a league for Nordic clans, but welcomed entries from other North-European countries as long as they were willing to play on Nordic servers.

The first season begin in October 1998 and was finished in January 1999. The top division was won by Flag fi.gif Clan Z, followed by Flag no.gif Game Over and Flag no.gif The Vicious Vikings. Division B was won by Flag se.gif Euthanasia, which was moved to the top division for the next season. As archives are poor, further results remain unknown.

As many as 60 clans were registered for the second season of NECL, which was supposed to start in February 1999. All of Europe's top clans at that time were placed in the top division of what could have been a legendary season: Flag fi.gif Clan Z, Flag no.gif Game Over, Flag no.gif The Vicious Vikings, Flag se.gif Brutal Deluxe, Flag de.gif Schröet Kommando, Flag uk.gif Demonic Core, Flag se.gif Euthanasia, Flag fi.gif Galaxy, Flag se.gif Medieval Spawns, Flag fi.gif No Problem! and Flag no.gif The New Breed.

Unfortunately, NECL's second season never came. Partly because some of the admins were unable to continue, so the start-up was delayed for months, and partly because while people were waiting for NECL, games like Quake III Arena and Counter-Strike were released. And when the fall of 1999 came, QuakeWorld was already into its decline.

  • Admins: Bannor, Jackson, Meph, BM and Janus.
  • Staff: Lyn Gordon, Langbein, Doink, Eagle, LBJ, Stigi, MacGibber and Killerloop.
  • Maps played: E1M2, E2M1, E3M1, E4M3, DM2 and DM3.
  • Website: Old home page (working)

Season 1

Final standings: