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On of the first Danish clans.


From NBI's old home page:

«NBI is an institute in Denmark, The Niels Bohr Institute. There I (NBI-Garfield aka. Henrik Rasmussen), started a clan in October of 1996. It started from just a lot of guys at work getting hooked on Quake. We saw that only a couple of Danish clans existed and wanted to give them some resistance. NBI was simply starting and many Scandinavian enthusiasts quickly joined. The NBI homepage grew and grew. We soon realized that the difference in ping-times for players directly on the net and modem-players gave too big differences in performance. We have therefore divided in to two divisions after what type of connections we use. We are fighting seperate clan wars but are still having a lot of fun together on the servers.»


  • Founded: October , 1996
  • Nationality: Flag dk.gif Danish
  • Clan prefix: NBI
  • Clan colors:  13   13 
  • IRC channel: #nbi (QuakeNet)

Website: Old home page (working)


Former members




Combat Plebs vs. Nasty Beasts Inc. 16.03.1997 Combat Plebs vs. Nasty Beasts Inc. 16.03.1997

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