Norwegian Clan League

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Norwegian Clan League (NCL) was begain in the summer of 1998, and replaced Norwegian Quake League. It only lasted for one season, because it turned out the other Nordic clans wanted in on the action. NCL was replaced by the North-European Clan League (NECL) in November 1998, still hosted and maintained by the original NCL team.

As NECL also only lasted for one season, probably because the general Quake scene was starting to decline after the release of other games, including Quake III Arena, NCL was reestablished by a new team of admins (Makrell, Sjanten, Volcom and Respawn) in the spring of 1999, keeping the Norwegian QuakeWorld scene alive. That old home page is found here.

  • Original admins: Bannor, Jackson and Meph.
  • Original staff: BM, Janus, Lyn Gordon, Langbein, Doink, Eagle, LBJ, Stigi, MacGibber and Killerloop.

Season 1 (1998)

  • Results: Game Over won the 1st season of NCL, trailed by The Vicious Vikings. Further results unknown as the archives are poor.

Season 2 (1999)

  • Results: Final results are unknown, but it's fair to assume that the 2nd season was also won by Game Over, followed by The Vicious Vikings and Loser Squadron.

Season 3 (1999)

  • Clans: The Vicious Vikings, Loser Squadron, Gory, Evil Spawns, Civilians, Ljusets Makt, Ninja Quakers, Flatliners, Urge and Endre Lindheim
  • Results: Final results are unknown, and due to QW's decline, the season was probably not even finished.