Rectum Intruders

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Rectum Intruders vs. The Vicious Vikings, September 1998
Rectum Intruders vs. The Vicious Vikings, November 1998

Quakeworld/Q3A clan from Norway. These types of clans, with players using aliases instead of real nicks, emerged in 1997. An explanation could be that the major Norwegian clans at that time attracted so many players they simply became too big to give everyone enough game time. Thus, alias clans like Rectum Intruders, Ernie Killers and Mikke Mus Klan could have been an opportunity for players from other clans to finally get some 4on4 action.

In Rectum Intruders, everyone used the name of a fish as an alias: Breiflabb is the Norwegian name for Monkfish, Torsk is Cod etc.

  • Founded: 1998
  • Nationality: Flag no.gif Norwegian
  • Clan prefix: RI
  • Clan colors:  12   12 


Rectum Intruders (RI) was conceived in august 1998 in a warm and damp attic. It was high summer and a bunch of local youths from Florø were playing different computer games such as StarCraft and Quake in a LAN. Florø is a small city located in the western part of Norway, a country in Europe, and the founding members of RI were all born and raised in this city.

Some of us had short and intermittent experiences from other clans, and several had experience ranging back to Wolfenstein and the DOOM-games. None of us were in any way established players in the quake community at that time, however.

The name Rectum Intruders originally started out as Anal Intruders, but the Anal part had to make way for Rectum. At that time we thought Rectum Intruders had a better flow to it. Now, why would we call ourselves Rectum Intruders, arguably a somewhat perverted and easily misinterpreted name of a anything? Were we a bunch of homosexual people, brought together by the beauty of online carnage or were we just acting out our alter egos on the innocent internet?

We are none of the aforementioned. I think we were just making a mockery of the homophobic nature of society and the decency required by the Norwegian way of life. Yes, you could perhaps even call it a rebellion. We were, after all, just 18-year old boys full of testosterone. That, and the fact that all other clan names were retarded and not very creative. That the name in itself created a lof of attention, was a pleasant side-effect and made us stand out from the rest.

The motto of the clan was to become «MAXIMUM PERVERSUM» after the series of german porn movies with the same name. Some of us had been leisurely scrolling different channels when we came upon this title on channel TV1000 one late saturday evening. As far as I can recall, this episode happened some time before Rectum Intruders was founded, and could very well have been the name of the clan if we had thought of it when deciding.


  • Flag no.gif Breiflabb
  • Flag no.gif Brisling
  • Flag no.gif Chandler
  • Flag no.gif Piggrokk
  • Flag no.gif Sverdfisk
  • Flag no.gif Torsk
  • Flag no.gif Steinbit
  • Flag no.gif Makrell
  • Flag no.gif Spekkhogger
  • Flag no.gif Znt (aka Rikoll)