Ernie Killers

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Ernie Killers vs. The Vicious Vikings, 1997
Ernie Killers vs. The Vicious Vikings, 1998

Clan consisting almost solely of fake nickers, though it appears Effie decided to keep the name. These types of clans, featuring players who already had other clans but played with aliases, emerged in 1997. An explanation could be that the major Norwegian clans at that time attracted so many players they simply became too big to give everyone enough game time. Thus, fake nick clans like Ernie Killers, Mikke Mus Klan and Rectum Intruders could have been an opportunity for players to finally get some 4on4 action.

In Ernie Killers, everyone used an alias from the comic Ernie (aka Piranha Club).

  • Founded: 1997
  • Nationality: Flag no.gif Norwegian
  • Clan prefix: [EK]
  • Clan colors:   3     3  


  • Flag no.gif Effie
  • Flag no.gif De Soto
  • Flag no.gif Enos Pork
  • Flag no.gif Spencer
  • Flag no.gif Uncle Sid
  • Flag no.gif Akkarburger
  • Flag no.gif Ernest
  • Flag no.gif Bobo
  • Flag no.gif Zerblatt
  • Flag no.gif Weller